Thursday, January 16, 2014

Interviu cu EXHALE (deathgrind, Suedia) + review-ul albumului "When Worlds Collide"

EXHALE este o trupa suedeza death/grind, s-au format in 2004, au la activ 1 demo si 3 albume de studio. Ultima creatie a baietilor “When Worlds Collide” a vazut lumina zilei la sfarsitul lui 2013.Albumul este un mix brutal si violent de death metal si grindcore. Productia albumului este la nivel astfel incat puteti deslusi foarte clar fiecare instrument si anume sa va bucurati de soundul scolii suedeze de metal extrem. Albumul contine 14 piese, de regula piese scurte, exceptie fiind ultima piesa “Left Inside” care are peste 7 minute, nu e de rau insa, dimpotriva aceasta ofera o atmosfera foarte interesanta. La nivel instrumental nu e decat de laudat maiestria baietilor, in special as remarca tobosarul Gustav Elowson care tine un ritm demential si perfect sincronizat cu riffurile chitarilor. De asemenea am fost impresionat si de vocalistul Martin Brzezinski care are un vocal foarte intens si completeaza muzica 100% impreuna cu chitaristul Johan Ylenstrand la back vocal. Chitaristii au reusit sa imbine perfect soundul grindcore cu influente death metal si crust asa ca aportul lor nu poate fi desconsiderat.
In comparatie cu “Blind”, albumul lor din 2010, “When Worlds Collide” este o evolutie pozitiva ca sound. Printre piesele preferate se numara “Glorify the Dumb” , “Etiketter” si “Wrath unleashed” la care este si videoclip. Pe mine unul m-a bucurat foarte mult acest release asa ca va invit si pe voi sa audiati albumul aici:

In continuare va propun sa cititi si interviul nostru cu Johan Ylenstrand,chitarist si back vocal.

BB: Welcome to Brutal Basarabia and thanks for taking the time to talk with us.
Johan: Thanks for the interest in EXHALE!  

BB: For those who don’t know about EXHALE, can you tell shortly how you see yourselves?
Johan: We’re a death/grind band from Sweden that’s been around since 2004. We just released our third album, our first release on Pulverised records and Power it up. So far the reviews have been really good. The first album “Prototype” was released 2006 and “Blind” 2010. We’ve toured both Europe and the states. Some members have been changed since the start. But this lineup has been solid since 2011.

BB:Your new album „When worlds collide” is out, what feedback you got from fans and critics and how would you say it’s differed from „Blind” album?
Johan:So far the feedback has been awesome, from both fans and critics. We’ve g0tten many great reviews. Our last album also got great reviews but I think this one is better. I like Blind but it’s really intense to listen to, in both production and songwriting. It’s more death metal. The new album has more dynamic parts, slower more melodic stuff. But it’s also more brutal.

BB: Tell us about writing and recording process of the new album.
Johan:It starts with me (Johan, guitar) in my house writing stuff. Then I show it to the other guys in the rehearsal room and they add their ideas to the songs. Andreas and I also did a preproduction when all tracks where finished. I think we will do that with the next album also. The album was recorded by our first singer Ulf Blomberg. We have worked in his studio on all our albums and he’s a nice guy to work with. He also guests with some vocals on some songs on the album.      

BB: Why did you choose to express yourself in grindcore music and From where comes you passion for grindcore and for music in general?
Johan: We all love fast music and grindcore is the best genre to play then. When Gustav and I started the band back in 2004, I‘d played technical U.S-death for many years and wanted to play some more straight forward music. It was the same with Andreas (guitar) when he joined the band in 2009. He played in Anata at that time. And it was when he joined the band we started to develop the sound to what it’s like today.

BB:In your oppinion how the grindcore movement did change since 2004 when you started to play till present? It’s almost 10 years since then.
Johan:Yes grindcore has changed a lot since 2004. And I think it’s a good development. Maybe there’s more of a death metal sound in the grindcore these days?

BB:This year it’s almost finished, do you have any favorites albums from 2013?
Johan: Bombus: The poet and the parrot
In Solitude: Sister
Cult of luna: Vertikal
Wormed: Exodromos
Immolation: Kingdom of conspiracy
Subrosa: More constant than the gods.
It’s always hard to pick albums. There’s so many great album to choose from….

BB:Describe your local underground swedish grindcore scene. Can you recommend some bands? 
Johan: The underground grindcore scene has been silent for a while now but I think it’s starting to wake up again. We have Gadget, Arson project, Infanticide, Livet som insats just to name a few.

BB: Do You have any plans for touring? What do you think about to make an East European Tour?
Johan:Yes we have plans on doing some touring, but we don’t know when yet. Touring in eastern parts of Europe sounds like a great idea, and I hope we can arrange something.

BB: Exept your musical activity what do you do? Whad hobbies and interests do you have?
Johan: Some of us have kids so we spend most of our time with them. Me and Johan F(bass) brew a lot of beer together. And we’re also involved in other bands, Age of woe, M:40, Syconaut just to name a few.

BB: Thank you very much for talking to us! Do you have anything you would like to say to metalheads all over Moldova?!
Johan:Thanks for the support! I really hope we can make it to Moldova some day and play some grind! Cheers!



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