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Interview with FUCK THE FACTS (grindcore, Canada)

Dupa albumul "Die Miserable" lansat in 2011, Fuck the facts au lansat pe 1 octombrie 2014 EP-ul "Abandoned". Materialul este compus din 3 piese care au luat nastere in 2009/2010, in perioada cand se lucra asupra materialului pentru "Die Miserable". Prima piesa, "Endless Emptiness" incepe cu blast-beat care aduce dupa sine si furia chitarilor si vocalului. Incursiunea unor pasaje de chitara clean precum si schimbul de ritmuri ma duce la ideea ca au experimentat, nu in zadar unii zic ca FTF sunt undeva la limita dintre grindcore si death metal.
A doua piesa "Disabused" se prezinta ca un joc foarte armonios intre instrumente, in special intre chitari si tobe. Vocalul de asemenea vine cu agresivitate si expresivitate. E ceva mai mult grindcore, grindcore tehnic.
A treia si ultima piesa "L'impasse", e si cea mai lunga, gasesti de toate in ea. grindcore, progressive si diverse elemente frumoase care pe mine unu chiar m-au impresionat. Chiar daca EP-ul are doar 3 piese, e atata diversitate in el incat te face sa te-ntrebi cand apare urmatorul material FTF?!Ep-ul il puteti audia aici:

BB: Hi Topon, how's going?
Topon: Good man, just X-masin’ it up.

BB: First of all can you please illuminate the masses who are FTF?
Topon: Fuck The Facts is a project that I initially started in the late 90’s just as a recording project where I could make all the music (and noise) that I wasn’t able to do in the bands I was playing in at the time. In 2001, I got some friends together and Fuck The Facts became a band. After a few line-up changes we stabilized in 2008 and it’s been the same five people since then. We put out three records on Relapse Records, but FTF has pretty much always functioned as a DIY unit.

BB: In early 1997 you have started the musical activity with your own project that late in 1998 became Fuck the Facts. How difficult was to find the members(musicians) with the same music inspiration as yours?
Topon: Pretty difficult, like I said, it wasn’t until 2008 that we stabilized to having the same 5 people, though our drummer has been there since 2005 and our vocalist since 2002. When I started I didn’t really intend on it being a band, but I did intend on working with other musicians. Overtime people came in adding something to the FTF sound, but most of the time the touring and busy schedule just became too much for them. Luckily now, everyone in the band is on the same page and I’m happy to have a steady line-up. I feel it’s allowed us to create a sound that is distinctly ‘Fuck The Facts’ and continue towards goals that we all share.

BB: Through the years FTF had a lot of lineup changes, how they have affected the band?
Topon: Different people involved in the band makes us play and create music differently, it’s not a bad thing; it’s just different. We have some releases out that I’m very proud of that we never would have written with this line-up. That being said, I’m very happy that we have a stable line-up now. For one, I think it’s made us a much better live band and I find the general input of all members is higher than it was with any past line-up. When you hear a FTF album now, it really is a mix of the 5 of us.

BB: Your new EP Abandoned is out now, when and how went the recording process of the EP?
Topon: These 3 songs were written when we were writing for ‘Die Miserable’ back in 2009/2010. They were cut from the album, not because we didn’t like them, but because we didn’t feel that they fit with the rest of the record. We still decided to record the music for them back in June 2011, with the intention of releasing them as B-sides with ‘Die Miserable’, but that never happened, and the recording just ending up sitting on a hard drive until this past July when we finally had enough downtime to record the vocals and do the mix. It’s been a real weight off my shoulders to finally get these songs done and out, as it’s been in the back of my mind for a long time now. Everything was recorded and mixed at our very own Apartment 2 Recording studio, and I’m very happy with the result.

BB:You are working on some new discographyc materials? What should the listeners expect?
Topon: We just finished up our part for a split 10” with our friends in Fistfuck. That should be coming out soon in the New Year. In January I’ll be starting the mix of our next full-length album. Everything is recorded and Mel has already started getting ideas together for the artwork. We really hope that we’ll have a new album out sometime in the Spring/Summer of 2015. I do also plan on putting together a new ‘Collection of Splits & EPs’, but that’s kind of on the back burner for now. We have a lot of plans and a lot of ideas, but it’s one step at a time.

BB: You have your own studio "Apartment 2", your upcoming materials also will be self-released? Do you release and other bands or only your projects?
Topon: Apartment 2 is my recording studio and Noise Salvation is the label. Right now it’s mainly meant for Fuck The Facts and side-projects, but perhaps sometime down the road we’ll open it up other bands, but for now we’re going to focus on our own releases.

BB: I know that you and Mel have a side project called Merdarahta, tell us more about it.

Topon: Merdarahta also started as a recording project with 4/5 of FTF. It started with an idea I had of creating improvised noise/ambient music. The first recording ended up as the B-side of the ‘Die Miserable’ cassette. We could have released it under the name Fuck The Facts, but I wanted to continue with the project and we felt it would be weird to have these releases continue being FTF. So the first few Merdarahta releases were 4/5 of FTF with other friends contributing, but now it’s become more just Mel & myself with other friends contributing to the live show and recordings as well. I’m not really certain about the future of the project, as a lot of it lies with how busy FTF is, but we will be putting out a new album on January 20th via Noise Salvation. You can check out more on Merdarahta here:

BB: What inspires you to make music and how is going the creation process like a band/team?
Topon: It’s one of those things that I’ve done so long that it just comes naturally. We all still have a passion for making music and we have a blast together as friends, so why stop now? I wish I could say that there is some crazy deeper meaning to the whole thing, but really we’re just a group of friends that have a blast making music together. Everyone contributes, there’s no ego, and all we care about is being creative and having a good time doing it.

BB: Do you have any plans for touring after you'll release your new album? What do you think about to tour in East Europe?
Topon: Our plan is to tour more once we release our next album. We’ve released EPs regularly over the past few years, but we haven’t released a full-length album since 2011. We started to feel like it was time to finally get a new album out there, so we took a little break from the road in 2014 to focus on that and balance out some regular life stuff as well. Europe is definitely in the plans, as we love touring there, and there are still many places that we need to visit. Hopefully we’ll get to a few of those in 2015.

BB:There's any local bands from your area that we should listen?
Topon: Alaskan is one of my favourite local bands, but I’m biased, as I have recorded all their albums since 2010. If you like slow melodic metal, you should check them out. Also check out World War 4 for some good humorous retro thrash (these guys are actually old though, so it’s ok), and Black Tower for some epic metal mixed with a side of punk. There are a ton of great bands in Ottawa, so I could go on forever, but those are at least a good place to get started.

        BB: What are the recent releases that have attracted your attention?
Topon:There’ a band from Syracuse called ‘Bleak’ that’s really delivering some heavy jams. I think people are starting to take notice as well, which is awesome. They have a new album up on Bandcamp. Another band from near by called ‘Collisions In Grey And Red’ should be on tops of 2014 list, but unfortunately their album isn’t out yet. I recorded it this summer, and I think a lot of people will really dig it. Very dynamic and well-delivered metal, hardcore, etc.… as cheesy as that description sounds, it’s one of the things I’m the most excited about.

BB: Thank you very much for your time Topon, do you have any thoughts for our readers?
Topon:Watch ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and read more Kurt Vonnegut books


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