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Interview with Myteri (crust/punk, Sweden) + review-ul EP-ului The Silent Death 2014

        Myteri este o trupa relativ noua de neocrust/punk formata de membrii trupei Eskatologia din Gothenburg,Suedia.S-au format in 2013 si in mai 2014 au lansat primul material discografic intitulat "The silent death". Ep -ul contine 4 piese, in suma aproximativ 14 minute de crust facut ca la carte, atat cu pasaje violente cat si cu pasaje ceva mai melancolice/melodioase. In genereal albumul suna in dulcele stil suedez cu expresivitate si tot tacamul. Instrumentalul este bine pus la punct, toate intrumentele se completeaza perfect, vocalul in cele din urma adauga ceva agresivitate. Pe alocuri sunt pasaje ceva mai lente/atmosferice ceea ce da o aura aparte albumului. Aia care apreciaza trupe ca Tragedy, Masakari, Victims, From ashes Rise, His hero is gone si alte trupe de genul dat recomand sa asculte acest album!

Va invit sa cititi interviul nostru cu Domarn/guitar/vocal/Myteri:

BB: Hello and welcome to our pages.
Domarn: Thanks a lot for inviting us!

BB: For those who don’t know about Myteri can you give us a little description of your band and a few words about each member.
Domarn: Myteri is a DIY-band from Gothenburg. Two of the members live outside Gothenburg though, Franz in Falköping and Mattias in Kristinehamn. We get inspiration from crust/hardcore bands such as From Ashes Rise, Ekkaia and Tragedy. The band is driven by the will to meet new people and experience new places through touring and playing music.

Erik plays the drums and is 30 years old, lives in a collective with friends and work as an occupational therapist. He also play drums with the bands Soteld (soteld.bandcamp.com) and Ill Sprits (illspirits.bandcamp.com). Erik is a fan of retro games and power violence and like to rest a lot. He is the guy who can transform a boring night to a party!

Franz plays bass and is 34 years old, lives by himself in an apartment i Falköping and work as a goldsmith in Gothenburg. He also play bass in Soteld (soteld.bandcamp.com). Franz is very into geocaching and listen to all kinds of d-beat that he can swing his "kängnäve" to. Franz can be hard to recognize if he isn't dressed in his Doom T-shirt. He is also the band member who brings buns, cookies and coffee when we rehearse. Cant live without that stuff!

Mattias plays guitar, is 25 years old, and live with his girlfriend in an apartment in Kristinehamn. He works as an communicator and also play in the band Vengeance of Karma (vengeanceofkarma.bandcamp.com). Mattias likes to watch movies and listen to crust and hardcore, his favorite band is Converge. He is also the latest member in Myteri.
Mattias is a caring person and always makes sure that everyone is alright.

John on vocals is 26 years old and live by himself in an apartment in Gothenburg. He works as a web developer and also play in Bombangrepp (
bombangrepp.bandcamp.com). John likes slow and heavy music and sometimes just disappear. He always turn up again right before we call for help.

Domarn on vocals/guitar is 32 years old, live with his girlfriend in a house in Gothenburg and work as an assistant at a school. He likes to ride his bike and sewing. His taste in music is melodic crust and sing/songwriter-stuff. He wants total control over everything which is booth positive and negative, but it helps pushing the band forward.

BB: In 2014 you released your first album The Silent Death which sounds great. Tell us about recording process and how much did you worked at it.
Domarn: Things came together quite fast once we agreed on how to record the material and found a studio we felt comfortable with.
The first day was spent rigging the drums, they were then recorded along with the rhythm guitar the next day. The following day we recorded base and lead guitar and two days later the vocals.

We were pretty new to each other as musicians and in some sense as individuals. As a result we decided not to put the bar too high, but instead focus on recording a 4 track promotional record to distribute during our european tour.

The material had been written during the course of a couple year, some songs were old some were brand new. We ended up picking the songs that we felt were the most complete and would best represent Myteri…

BB: After this album should we expect another material? Are you working on something new?

During the first part of 2015 you can expect a 12” split together with our Norwegian friends in Agenda (www.facebook.com/agendanorway), that we toured with the summer of 2014. There will as be 7” together with Born for Slaughter (www.facebook.com/BornForSlaughter), from Macedonia that we had the opportunity to share the stage with at Przychodnia squat in Warszawa.

BB: What inspires you to play crust/punk?

Domarn: D.I.Y. culture and the connections with people within the crust scene all over the world.

BB: One of your main lyrical theme is social theme. Where society goes nowadays in your                                                                  opinion?

Domarn: Society as we know it has since day one developed towards it’s own demise. To divide people  seams to be the only possibility for those in power to maintain control over the people. Instead of acting against those who’s oppressing us we constantly choose to step on those who are already at the bottom. Community has been replaced by individualism which I see as the biggest threat agains our current society.

BB: I saw on youtube a great live video, you played in Goteborg. How often do you play live? Did you/ or are you planning to make a tour ?

Domarn: Between May and October we’ve played about 20 gigs, out of which 12 were gigs we did during our tour around europe together with Agenda. We hope to accomplish two tours during 2015. I’d like to take the opportunity to say we’re always open to serious gig suggestions.

BB: There's any underground bands that we should listen in your area?

Domarn:At this point everyone has probably already heard about Fredag den 13 (www.facebook.com/fredagden13e) but if you haven’t they are worth checking out. Besides them From Soil (www.facebook.com/pages/From-Soil/443378632403503) is working on their debut album. Murderofcrows is another band that have caught my attention (https://www.facebook.com/mocofficial). 

BB:What recent music releases do you appreciate the most? 
Domarn: The soundtrack of the month is the Passiv Dödshjälp / Achilles split. (http://grindpromotion.bandcamp.com/album/passiv-d-dshj-lp-achilles) 

BB: Except the music do you have any hobbies? What do you do in your free time?
Domarn:Most of my spare time is spent on band related stuff, like making artwork, writing lyrics and music etc.
In addition I very much enjoy taking my bike out to the forest and country side. To see new places traveling by bike is something I really value.

BB: Thank you very much for sending me the CD "The Silent Death" and for this interview. Do you have any words for our readers?
Domarn: Thank you for your interest in us, we appreciate it a lot.
We’ll try to continuously update our Facebook page if you’d like to stay up to date on what we’re up to, follow us there and don’t hesitate to write us if you have any questions or think we can be of any help.

Facebook -  www.facebook.com/myteriswe
Bandcamp -  myteriswe.bandcamp.com
Gmail -  myteriswe@gmail.com

Thanks again!
Keep up the good work!
Domarn /Myteri

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