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22.02.2014 GORESHOCK FEST: DEFENDERS DAY, KAAK & TAXIDERMIST + Local support @ Albion Club

S.@.D. & Yurmortal prezinta:
22 februarie 2014, Chisinau , clubul Albion (str Puskin 22), ora 18:00, va avea loc un mare dezmat alaturi de oaspetii din Viena, Austria - KAAK si TAXIDERMIST.

Kaak (experimental industrial metal) - s-au format in august 2007, primii 3 ani trupa a existat doar ca un proiect de studio si a colaborat cu lable-ul online Unwishable Brainfuckers.In acesti 3 ani au aparut pe mai multe compilatii, au scos un EP - "Sadism Lessons" si un album - "Huloboh: 13 Songs of Happiness". In aprilie 2010 trupa a dat primul concert live, dupa care au aparut mai multe schimbari de componenta si stil.

TAXIDERMIST (gore core) - pana in 2012 au cantat goregrind, au scos si un CD - „The Gore you can´t ignore“, au avut schimbari de comoponenta si iata ca in 2012 au decis sa-si schimbe stilul, sa aduca ceva nou, experimental in muzica extrema. Momentan baietii lucreaza la un material nou, recent au inregistrat 2 piese la Udio Media Studio (Vienna). Una din ele poate fi downloadata de pe net si baietii promit sa-i scoata si un clip.

+ local support:
Dorian Gray (deathcore, Chisinau, Moldova)
Advent Fog ( sympho black metal, Tiraspol, Moldova)
The Ward ( sympho death metal, Tiraspol, Moldova)

Fractured Skies (black metal, Chisinau, Moldova)
7seas (instrumental technical metal, Chisinau, Moldova).

Club: Albion
ora: 18:00
Pret: 100 lei
See you in the pit \m/


Monday, December 23, 2013

Interviu cu GROG (deathgrind, Portugalia)

BB: Welcome to Brutal Basarabia and thanks for taking the time to talk with us.
Pedro: Hi there Nicolae, thanks in advance for this interview, it’s always great to present ourselves to those who still don’t know GROG and our music.

BB: For those who don’t know about GROG, can you tell shortly how you see yourselves?
Pedro: Yeah, let’s go for it! GROG is a Portuguese Brutal Death / Grindcore band which exists since 1991. We had some line up chances during the years, but now we managed to have a stable formation, I am Pedro, the only founding member remaining and I do the vocals, then we have Ivo taking care of the guitars, Alex playing the bass and finally Rolando on the drums. Since the beginning we aimed to play as fast, brutal and heavy as we could and that set our goals throughout our existence. We like to surpass our own limits concerning the music we play and after several releases, including our 3 full lengths, I believe we still do it, also the music we create it’s based in our own perceptions and not in any kind of trend or mainstream hype!

BB: You remeber your first recording process with Grog? How it was?
Pedro: 1992 was the year when the original line up got together to record The Bluuaaarrrgghh Rehearsal.We did the recording at a friend’s garage Joaquim, at that time Decayed drummer, with the help of our good friend J.A. also from Decayed behind the sound board. I remember having fun and being nervous at the same time since I got no clue about the outcome of our music, I also believe that all the guys felt this kind of mixed feelings. It was a direct session, just like a normal rehearsal, but just knowing that it was being recorded add a little of extra pressure upon us.

BB: What feelings did you have when you released first album?
Pedro: Well, the first album came out in 1996, almost at the end of the year, again it was a mix of feelings because Macabre Requiems was our first official record after some demos and a 7´´ EP. A dream come true in one hand, because when you play music you always imagine achieving this stage and let’s not forget that back then it wasn’t easy to release a CD. We were all young kids at that time and we felt that we could make something out of the music for our life, so it was exciting to record an album and to see our music being known. Also we had the chance to record it in a professional studio because our label created those conditions, so seeing our favorite songs getting the final shape was very thrilling process since it was the first time we were able to hear all of them with a great sound.
On the other hand, it would be unfair to say nothing about the CD artwork because it gave us a tremendous pleasure creating it, a fantastic job by our friend V.J. that was able to read our ideas to the perfection. In addition the inlay has photos from an exposition of medieval torture instruments, including the bands photo that was captured in a private session near by the iron maiden. To see all of this in our hands and to receive the positive reviews in that time was a hell of a ride indeed!

BB: What memories do you have about your first live concert?
Pedro: My god, our first show was a chaotic excuse to play in front of an audience ah ah ah ah, but we did it anyway. It happened in my high school playground during the campaign for the students association, we played on top of tables always looking down to avoid the “stage” collapse. Anyway I think that the show was silenced because someone complained about the loud noise we were making ah ah ah ah.

BB: In your oppinion how the grindcore movement did change since 1991 when you started to play till present?
Pedro: I consider grindcore a primitive form of art you see, it’s dirty, it’s rough, it’s ultra fast, it’s incomprehensive, it’s uncontrollable, but it has a very direct message behind all the fuzz and all of these characteristics are essential to play it. So can we actually speak about a genre change? No and yes it would be my answer. No, because you have to have those elements in your music to call it grindcore, there’s no other way for me to perceive it. Of course we have a greater number of bands today than in 1991, but almost all of them play by those rules. So for me to be more extreme, to growl lower or scream higher are only alternative forms to achieve this goal.
The affirmative argument has to do with one thing that has really progressed a lot since 1991 and I speak about the quality of the studio and home productions, don’t get me wrong on this one, because in this case you still can play grindcore with all the first said commandments but with a greater sound value!

BB: Your last discographic material was released in 2011. Are you working on new album? (if yes – when you plan to release it?)
Pedro: Yes, we released the “Scooping the Cranial Insides” CD back in 2011, but also did the vinyl version with 2 unreleased songs which saw the light of the day in 2012, so we have been promoting this third full length in the past two and a half years. The time to turn the page has come and currently we are working in the new album which we wish to release during 2014. That’s all I can say right now.

BB: This year it’s almost finished, do you have any favorites albums from 2013?
Pedro: Yes, I have and like I did for the Puro Ruido webzine I will tell you who they are, only now I added a new entry:
Code - Augur nox
Carcass – Surgical steel
Goreguts - Colored sands
Gutural Secrete - Nourishing the spoil
Nolentia – May the hand that holds the match that will set this world on fire be blessed above all
Nails - Abandon All Life
Oranssi Pazuzu - Valonielu
Scalpel - Sorrow and Skin
Steven Wilson - The raven that refused to sing (And Other Stories)
Squash Bowels Grindcoholism
Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn
Voivod - Target earth
Wormed - Exodromos

BB: Describe your local portuguese grindcore scene. Can you recommend some bands?
Pedro: For instance Brutal Brain Damage, Serrabulho, Antivoid, Utopium, Tinnitus, Raw Decimating Brutality, Extreme Retaliation, Holocausto Canibal, Besta, Simbiose, Matter, go find and listen to them.

BB: You have any plans for touring? What do you think about to make an East European Tour?
Pedro: We would love to play more often in Eastern Europe, let’s see if the new album can bring us this opportunity. We already played the Obscene Extreme Fest in 2012, for instance, and we had so much fun, so we want to return to Eastern Europe and play for you definitely.

BB: Thank you very much for talking to us! Do you have anything you would like to say to metalheads all over Moldova?!
Pedro:The pleasure was all ours Nicolae, thanks again for all the support and to all metalheads in Moldova I will invite you to check us out on our facebook page, facebook/grogpt and in our youtube channel at grogmetal. Keep it Sick and Grind Up!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

11.01.2014 DEATH MOROZZ ACTION X 2014 @ Albion club

Dragi prieteni, va invitam la cea de-a X-a editie a festivalului Death Morozz Action. . In cadrul turneului de promovare al noului album "Sub Stele",  head-linerii fest-ului vor fi fratii nostri din Iasi, Romania-
BUCOVINA (viking metal/folk metal).

Support local vor fi trupele care reprezinta scena Metal locala, si anume:
NEUROMIST (progressive death metal)


THE CURSED (death/groove metal).

Data - 11.01.2014
Local - Albion (str.Puskin 22)
Inceputul - 19:00
Intrarea - 80 MDL

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Salonul de tatuaje INKAHOLIC STUDIO va invita sambata, 21.12.2013 la Old Schoold Terror Metal Party vol 2. La acest eveniment toti fanii muzicii grele vor avea ocazia sa se distreze in ritmul celor mai bune compozitii old school thrash/death/grindcore/black metal. De asemenea veti putea beneficia de reduceri la bauturile alcoolice. Va indemnam sa va invitati toti prietenii la acest metal party, voia buna si respectul reciproc garantat. See you in the pit \m/
Pret: 20 lei
Club albion
ora 20:00

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Interviu cu ATARA (grindcore,France) + review-ul EP-ului "HANG THEM"

ATARA este o trupa grindcore din Franta. S-au format in 2007. In 2009 au scos primul lor material “Let the Beast”, apoi in 2011 au bucurat fanii cu un album “Human Bulltrap” si un split cu trupa UNSU (grindcore.Franta) numit “Grindcore is a violent Drug”. In 2013 baietii lansat un nou EP “Hang Them”. Despre ultimul material discografic pot sa zic ca e scurt, are doar 6 piese, insa se canta cu aceeasi intensitate grindcore cu care ne-am obisnuit. Ca sound a ramas acelasi mix de grindcore, powerviolence, crust, fascore, hardcore care intotdeauna bucura urechea. In piesa “Burden” se observa niste incursiuni downtempo dar foarte expresiv si intens ceea ce iarasi nu face decat o atmosfera foarte interesanta. Instrumental vorbind baietii si-au facut treaba ca la carte. O ard cu blastbeaturi, cu riff-uri rapide de chitara + urletul intens al vocalistului da acea doza de energie si agresivitate pe care doar grindcore-ul o poate da.  Pe mine unu m-a rupt intreaga creatie a acestor baieti, va recomand si voua sa-i ascultati, baietii fac asta doar din placere, puteti downloada gratis materialele lor discografice de pe bandcamp daca va intereseaza si va invit sa cititi interviul cu ei mai jos.

BB: Welcome to Brutal Basarabia and thanks for taking the time to talk with us.
Antoine: Hey ! Thank YOU to give us the opportunity to act like rock-stars ! From this line, all we’re going to say will be false, pretentious and despising haha !

BB: For those who don’t know about Atara can you shortly describe you band?
Antoine: To be perfectly honest, ATARA it’s just 4 guys who love to hang out together, play grindcore, having good meals and drink quality beers... We all met à few months before we deciced to begin this band. Hugo ( 6 strings ov hell) and me ( Antoine by the way, drummer, manager, booker, and dictator) just seen our first band end badly. ATARA was already existing, with Derf ( screams, growls, jokes), Biwoo ( Schopenhauerian Infra-bass) and two other guys. The last gig with our first band, was with ATARA by the way ! So we knew since a little time, and a dark day of December 2007, we just had a talk about setting up a new band, fast and violent. We started to rehearse, and two months later we had our first scene ! We kept the name ATARA, cause it was already known  around. And about what we (try to) do, I think it’s like any band which start to write music; Making stuff which is exactly what you want to hear; for us,  intense, energic and powerful Grindcore. Even if we’re not very famous, we’re very proud about what we made till today. And it embraces the music and the friendship which came with it.

BB: The EP „Hang them” is out now, can you tell us about the writing/recording process of your new material? ( who write the lyrics and the music? )
Antoine: ’’HANG THEM” is quite particular. In fact, all the 6 songs were written for an album in the first place. But we are very sloooooooow guys, so some of these are a 2 years old... And the time passing, we just saw that we didn’t do anything real since a year and a half, just some shows here and there. So we decided to start a real project, composing a REAL album, something we began to write with one idea in mind; Our music had to improve in so much ways, so we had to improve. We’re really in the mood to bring something up with a personnality, something coherent from the first to the last second. Since our first EP in 2009, our releases are just a collection of the last songs we wrote. For this one, we want more than that. It’s going to respond to an esthetic we took the time to define, and the fisrt songs we already wrote leave us very good impressions, and comfort us in the way we had made a good decision. But the HANG THEM songs didn’t respond to that esthetic. And for us they were too good to be put in a closet ! So we decided to record it, and give it some celebrity !
About the writing process, it’s real simple. We go in rehearsal, and just say ”hey, let’s write some new stuff !” haha. We throw a riff, and work around it. For the lyrics, I’m in charge for most of it, Derf writes some sometimes. Until recently, we didn’t had any, we were juste seeing the voices as another instrument. It was cool for a moment, but it showed its limits. So we decided to start writing Grindcore poetry haha !

BB: What inspired you play grindcore?
Antoine: I would say it was the convergence of many things. Before we entered ATARA, we were curious about what Grindcore was with Hugo. This guy is alwas the first to discover new things and share it with us. At this time, it was ”Grind Finale” from NASUM. He listened to it, been blasted haha, and lend it to me. It was my first step into this crazy microcosm haha ! ROTTEN SOUND came right after, and during a long period, it was the only things we listened about. And when we started ATARA, we all shared our influences. So we discovered BLOCKHEADS, which remain the first and main influence of Biwoo, and legends as NAPALM DEATH or BRUTAL TRUTH, which are a bigger part of Derf’s culture. He’s older than us, so he saw all theses bands appearing, and the impact they had.
But this is just the background. The real thing that gave us the will to play Grindcore, was a show in Angoulême ( the city where we was living at this time), with YATTAÏ early 2008. It was our second gig, we were just playing proto-Grind, and these guys already had (and still have) a very good reputation on the french scene. We just took the beating of our life. Everything was there ! Violence, intensity, emergency, and a big part of fun. That night, we just said ourselves ” We must go that way. Our own, but the result have to be the same.” And here we are today. YATTAÏ are now very good friends of us, they juste released an new LP  ”Fast Music Means Love”, and if you didn’t listened to it already, go on, it’s pure madness.

BB: How your local grindcore scene looks like? Can you recomend some french grindcore bands?
Antoine: For me, it looks like very good. A french Grind compilation had been released by Kaotoxin Records a few months ago, with almost 40 bands. And 40 bands with a real activity. Go check this out, it’s a good pictures of what’s happening right now in the french scene. And there’s also some bands who are not on this compilation but which are really amazing. RATBOMB, CHIENS, WHORESNATION, BLACK CODE... BLOCKHEADS and INHUMATE remains the biggest and oldest french grindcore bands, and still the best for me, especially BLOCKHEADS. We played twice with them, and twice it was breathtaking. They don’t do a lot of shows, but you can be sure that everytime it’s gonna be a killer one .
But if I should recomend some bands, it shoulb be these ones. All the ANGOULEME TRASHCORE TEAM, which includes YATTAÏ (Grindcore Tornado) GRÜNT GRÜNT (Grïnd Grïnd) and VENGEANCE ( Grind / Powerviolence); And  of course NOLENTIA, our buddies. These guys are our best friends on the scene with YATTAÏ, we have so good memories with them. And they just gave the longest name to their last full length: May the hand that holds the match that will set the world on fire be blessed above all. WE LOVE YOU GUYS !!!

BB: Besides your musical activity what do you do?
Antoine: We’re all members of the most violent bikers club of the french Wild Southwest. Drugs, guns, girls, shootings. Sons of Anarchy are pussies beside us. That’s what we say to everybody. In real, two of us are teachers or working in education, one’s working for a cartoon and animation studio, and the last is supervisor in a factory. We are now in 3 different cities, with absolutely not synchronized schedules. So if we are so slow, here’s the main reason. We have to plan weeks before for a rehearsal, even more for a show. But we still succeed in !

BB: Do You have any plans for touring? Would you like to make an East European Tour? Maybe a concert in Chisinau, Moldova?
Antoine: We think about touring. And that’s all ! As I said before, it’s very complicated. We did a mini tour with NOLENTIA in summer 2012, it was wonderful. Great shows, great bands ( CONSTANT VULSE, this is for you guys ! ) plenty of cool people. If we have the occasionn the time, and the logistic, we’ll jump in it. And East Europe and Moldavia, for sure. We know that extreme music is acclaimed in your area, so it could be a very nice experience. But the resons stays the same. It’s very hard for us to plan a tour, the maximum we’ve done, it’s 3 days. All that we hope, is that one day it becomes easier as the days we begun. We made twice the number of shows in our two first years than in the three last !

BB: Can you tell about a funny or crazy thing happened to you in a tour/concert?
Antoine: I’ve got one,but it’s crazy and sad at the same time. In 2008, we had a show with YATTAÏ in Niort, it was the starter of our first mini-tour. First suprise, the bar owner didn’t promote the show. No flyers, nothing. We kenw that it wouldn’t be THE show of the year, but we didn’t expected anything good from the moment we arrived there. The only thing we’ve been counting on, was that it was a free show, and that some curious with nothing to do on a Friday night came to see us. We just dreamed about that haha. And it was a nightmare ! 3 drunk guys, 1 bum, 5 friends from the area. Food was awful, not any cash at the end... Our shows were good, and things became mad from the moment we begun to put ou gear in the van. Beside the bar, there was an afro/carribean night-club, and some people hanging out and drinking beers in front of. One of the drunk guys from the bar we played in was also outside, drunk as fuck. He looked at them and yelled: ” Hey niggers, my car ain’t a sofa !!!” One of them were just half sit on the trunk of  car ! We were just shocked ! In a way, one of the reason we’re proud to play Grindcore, it’s  for the values it’s conveying. No one must forgot that NAPALM  DEATH our gods among the others, were from a proletarian neighbourhood in Birmingham ! People with an history, who are politically engaged, and still fight  for social equality, tolerance, and respect. We all have these values in common in ATARA, and it’s the basis of most of our lyrics. We can’t stand that kind of behaviour, even more from someone who is not even able to put himself together. He was drunk since  the moment we arrived at the bar, in the end of the afternoon ! So the guys from the afro night club, most of them were black, just looked at him, finished their beers, and ran towards him the bottles in the hand. The drunk guy ran too, but inside the bar, and tried to hide somewhere ! They found him, and when they triend to pick him outside, the bar owner yelled at them ” No niggers in my bar” a baseball bat in the hands ! we just said ourselves ”  WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE !!!” We knew that it’ll be going really bad, so we packed the fastest we could. I was right beside all my cymbals stands, when a really, really, really massive guy just came next to me. He watched my stands, and I think that in a second, he saw what all he could have done with it and the drunnk guy. So I threw it in the van, and when we said ” Go !” a car just drifted in front of the bar! A guy came out (the car was still drifting !!!) and screamed ” Who wants to fight ??? Who the fuck called my friends niggers ???” He went directly to the trunk, and when he was on the point to open it, an other guy came out of the car and said ” Don’t do that here ! Are you out of your mind ???” We never knew what was hiding in this trunk, I don’t think we still want to know now !. Right after that, we jumped into the van and the car, and left. It’s the craziest thing we saw on the road. Not a really good memory, but its craziness makes it look like to a scene from a Tarantino movie ! And it was the only time we saw such a racist behaviour. We don’t even know what happened to him.

BB: Except the grindcore, what kind of music do you like? For example when you’re on the road to the concert what do you listen?
Antoine: We listen to a lot of stuff. And surprisingly, since a few years, a lot less Grindcore. It’s not that we don’t like it anymore, just that we found the bands which are the biggest influences for us, and which helped us to build our identity. We stay in touch with what’s happening new in the scene, but not as much as before.
Three of us are really into french Black Metal; there so much good bands. DEATHSPELL OMEGA, BLUT AUS NORD, AOSTOH, the perfect balance between dark and poisonous atmosphere, and true violence. Even if were are (and will be) a Grindcore band, these are very inspirationnal for us. Beside, I think that if we had to share with you our 4 discographies, you’ll find everything. Metal, punk, hardcore, doom, pop, indie, electro, hip hop, drone, jazz, folk, reggae... and all that’s existing in between. So on the road, it’s just a mash up of all the things we love, and we want to share between us. And sometimes we agree on a band haha.
 Personnaly, I’m convinced that there’s good in every stuff. If the will of making music is authentic, in the idea of bringing the best thing that could, there’s a lot of chance that I’d be interested in. Recently, I’ve been into french Hip hop, and british folk at the same time. And in each, there’s was a thing that made me think ” Wow, this shit is serious !” The type of music isn’t important, as long it’s made with honesty.

BB: Thank you very much for talking to us! You have a message for metalheads from Moldova?
Antoine: Thanks to you ! Been a real pleasure to answer to your questions. People of Moldova, we’ll try to come in the future ! Keep listening to music, everything, be proud of it, come to the gigs even if you don’t know the bands, be curious, because there’s no purpose to play music, if there’s nobody to play in front of !
 Antoine // ATARA crew

Nick aka Fieldy

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Interviu cu SLAVEBREED + review-ul albumului "Dethrone the Architect"

BB: Welcome to Brutal Basarabia and thanks for taking the time to talk with us.
Pavlos: We thank you for the opportunity you have given us to present our work / material through Brutal Basarabia zine.

BB: For those who don’t know about Slavebreed can you shortly describe your band?
Pavlos: The band started in late 2004 by Pavlos and Kostas, from the remains of Pavlos' older deathcore side-project band with the same name. After some line-up changes we ended up as we are today, having released two full lengths, one split, a demo rehearsal and have taken part in some compilations and tributes. Right now we work on new material for two split 7” releases coming up soon.
BB: The album „Dethrone the Architect” was released last year, can you tell us about the writing/recording process of your material? ( who write the lyrics and the music? )
Pavlos: We all work together and take part in the preparation of new material. We are 5 people with different taste in music and various influences. That, in combination with the fact that we have known each other for many years, generates the result reflected to each of our releases. As far as the lyrics concern, that is our singer's job, Lambros. We totally trust him on this task, as he perfectly represents our restless minds and beliefs with whatever he has done up until now.

BB: What inspired you play grindcore?
Pavlos: Many inspirations, but mainly the recent situation occurred by economy crisis that has affected everybody's lives around the globe. As in all kinds of extreme sound, similarly in grindcore scene there are messages and themes that diverse. Those who listen to grindcore music know exactly the situation evolving in this certain scene.

BB:  How your local grindcore scene looks like? Can you recommend some grindcore bands from Greece?
Pavlos: Greece has always had many good bands, but they used to move mostly between brutal death metal/black metal/thrash metal areas, not many people were very familiar or too passionate about grindcore. This situation has been altered through the last few years. Many awesome bands made their appearance, committed to create music that follows the "grind way" and that seems to be partly a result of the (social/political) pressure we have experienced until now from the very-well organized game of media and global economy crisis. The best case is to check on the extreme sound of Greek scene, like I said there are many remarkable bands that deserve your attention.

BB: Besides your musical activity what do you do?
Pavlos: As it is common, besides the band, we all have our jobs and work virtually the entire week. Unfortunately it is unthinkable (I would say nearly impossible) to earn your living or even cover your basic needs through grindcore. After all we play grindcore for our pleasure, we do it because we enjoy it, and that’s more than enough for us, no questions asked. Only behemoths of the genre as Napalm Death have achieved that! hahaha!:)

BB: Do You have any plans for touring in 2014? Would you like to make an East European Tour? Maybe a concert in Chisinau, Moldova?
Pavlos: From the summer of 2012 and after the release of "Dethrone the Architect" we have been doing as many tours as feasible to present and support our material. There are already some scheduled plans for 2014 and of course we are more than willing to play anywhere we are invited, as long as the cost of gas for transportation is covered. Moldova is a country we've never been before and is surely included in our future plans.

BB: Can you tell about a funny or crazy thing happened to you in a tour/concert?
Pavlos: I don't know about funny, but it sure was crazy, weird and totally unexpected...It happened a few weeks ago, while heading on a mini tour in Netherlands-Belgium-France, we encountered a problem with the car rental company of our van. We weren't allowed to pick up the car because of "bureaucratic problems". Needless to say that we ended up waiting for 9(!) hours after our arrival at the airport of Amsterdam, before we managed to solve the problem and get ourselves behind the wheel. Eventually after a lot of effort, broken nerves and swearing(!) everything went well. I cannot speak about a specific funny incident, as they are too many to choose from! One of the best things about touring with your band is that fun and laughter is always flawless, like it should be of course in such cases and events.

BB: What’s the last album you liked very much?
Pavlos: Normally I should say:"there are many amazing albums out there...bla...bla...bla..." BUT, who cares! The best release for 2013 as far as concerns the extreme sound is "This world is dead" of French BLOCKHEADS!!!

BB: Except the grindcore, what kind of music do you like? For example when you’re on the road to the concert what do you listen?
Pavlos: Like I mentioned before our influences and preference in music vary. Music goes along with mood and emotions and vise versa, mood and emotions can be carried away by music. Depending on the mood, we listen to whatever music pleases us best while on tour and not only.

BB: Thank you very much for talking to us! You have a message for metalheads from Moldova?
Pavlos: Thank you from heart for this interview. Support the small bands because they really deserve it. Hope to see you soon in Moldova! Cheers!!!

Slavebreed este o trupa grindcore din Grecia. S-au format in 2004, in 2007 au inregistrat live un mini-cd care a inclus 4 piese, si dupa nici un an, in 2008 au inregistrat primul lor album "Pain Syndicate" care a fost foarte apreciat de fanii muzicii grindcore.In 2011 au scos un split cu trupa Hibernation, iar in 2012 au scos cel de-al doilea full-lenght "Dethrone the Architect".Albumul contine 14 piese printre care si coverul piesei "Dog Eat Dog" a trupei Disrupt. Ca sound, albumul este un mix foarte reusit de grindcore/death metal cu influente hardcore si crust. Inca de la prima piesa " A New Plague Upon Us" micul intro cu sunetul sirenei care parca te atentioneaza: "Vine ciuma peste noi" initiaza ascultatorul in atmosfera dementiala a albumului. Toate piesele mi-au placut insa dintre ele as evidentia: "Avaritia" , "Plebeians" "Preaching to the Fallen", "Dethrone the Architect".Daca e sa caracterizez instrumentalul as zice ca e o adevarata masinarie grindcore.Atat tobele cat si chitarile dau tonul agresiv in concordata ideala cu mesajul lor socio/politic. Vocalul suna violent si agresiv. Pe aceasta cale vreau inca o data sa-i multumesc pentru ca mi-a trimis acest minunat cd.In linii generale albumul rupe, e energic, agresiv, facult ca la carte: de la productie pana la artwork. E un must have/listen pentru fiecare ascultator de grindcore.

Nick aka Fieldy

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Brutal Basarabia si Axa Valaha prezinta ultimul concert metal din 2013!
In cadrul "Legende Romanesti Tour 2013", NEGURA BUNGET (Transilvanian Black Metal, Romania) revin in Chisinau.

Vom avea ocazia sa vedem live si prima trupa death/doom din Romania, fondata in 1991 in Arad - GRIMEGOD

Oaspetii din Suedia - TERMINAL PROSPECT (Thrash metal) ne vor arata live ce-nseamna scoala suedeza de metal.

Suport local va fi trupa autohtona THE WARD (Atmospheric death metal, Tiraspol)

5 decembrie Va asteptam in Club Albion
Ora 19:00
Pret: 100 mdl

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Lethal Outcome este o trupa technical thrash metal care a activat in 2007-2008. In componenta trupei au fost Dumitru Demciu - vocal si Eugen Scobioala - chitara. Momentan activitatea trupei este oprita pe un termen nedefinit.

Cateva din piesele lor le puteti audia pe canalul nostru youtube

Nick aka Fieldy

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cronica concert KROW, VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC & NEUROMIST

   Pentru iubitorii de muzica extrema seara de vineri s-a dovedit a fi una memorabila avand in vedere multitudinea de stari traite de fiecare ascultator si artist in parte.
Baietii de la Neuromist au fost foarte receptivi si s-au mobilizat repede pentru inlocuirea trupei initial anuntate Abnormyndeffect, din cauza unor probleme de sanatate, Nicu, vocalistul Abnormyndeffect nu-si mai poate continua activitatea in cadrul trupei. Ii uram multa sanatate si puteri sa treaca peste aceasta problema.
   Mare a fost surpriza cel putin pentru mine sa-l vad pe Dumitru Rusu (vocal Aeon of Death) in calitate de vocalist al celei mai calitative si promitatoare trupe technical/progressive death metal din Moldova – Neuromist. Chiar il apreciez foarte mult pe omul asta care intotdeauna isi aduce aportul in dezvoltarea scenei  locale cu toate posibilitatile si toata dragostea ce o poarta pentru muzica metal. Muzical vorbind vocalul se incadreaza perfect cu partea instrumentala ceea ce nu e deloc  o treaba simpla. Instrumentistii la fel si-au facut treaba excelent, mi-au placut absolut toti, la ce atmosfera dementiala au facut e si firesc. Pe alocuri publicul a fost cam pasiv dar asta probabil a fost din cauza ca fiecare incerca sa patrunda cat mai profund in esenta pieselor.
    Dupa asemenea incordari de creier, a venit timpul pentru dans si voie buna. Ingredientul principal desigur ca au fost gore/grindrerii austrieci VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC. Intro-urile pieseleor foarte inspirate + energia din fiecare piesa au “obligat” publicul sa se distreze de minune. Baietii au fost foarte prietenosi, au facut show,au facut glume, au comunicat cu publicul, chiar au invitat pe scena cativa doritori de a-si arata talentele in materie de gore/grind. Eu unul am ramas foarte impresionat de prestatia lor live si m-am rupt foarte bine.
   Au urmat apoi prietenii nostri brazilieni KROW care au cantat live in Chisinau pentru a 3-a oara. Tin sa mentionez ca si de data aceasta au fost nevoiti sa achite vize pentru a intra in tara, deci MUIE autoritatilor moldave responsabile de asta. Ca intotdeauna, death metallerii brazilieni ne-au oferit o atmosfera infernala. Si de aceasta data am ramas impresionat de maiestria cu care acesti muzicieni adevarati manuiesc instrumentele. Special pentru publicul moldovenesc au iesit la biss si sigur ca au avut si o recompensa pe masura – satana coniac!
   Publicul ca deobicei a fost foarte divers ca varsta, ma bucura faptul ca am vazut multi tineri iubitori de muzica extrema. Toti au dansat si s-au simtit bine. Sunetul de asemnea a fost pe masura. Multumiri organizatorilor, in speciala lui Mihai (Coro) de la Axa Valaha. Pe aceasta cale ii uram La multi ani! Nu in ultimul rand multmuiri si publicului prezent \m/

Impreuna sustinem scena metal autohtona. Ne vedem la urmatoarele cumatrii!

Nick aka Fieldy

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Prieteni, acest sfarsit de saptamana vine cu un Triple Metal Attack, cu de toate pentru toti.

Vineri, 1 noiembrie vom avea onoarea sa-i vedem live pe death metalerii brazilieni KROW care adora tara noastra si ori de cate ori se pomenesc prin Estul Europei ne viziteaza cu cea mai mare placere. Iubitorii de dansuri isi vor putea arata maiestria pe muzica disco/grind a austriecilor VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC
Support local v fi trupa NEUROMIST ce ne va bucura cu un technical/progressive death metal de cea mai buna calitate.

Sambata, 2 noiembrie baietii de la TONS OF POWDER vor sustine un concert alaturi de trupa autohtona SINDROMES. La cata experienta au baietii din TOD fiti siguri ca va fi si asta un concert foarte bun.

Duminica, 3 noiembrie va avea loc cea de-a 2-a editie a festivalului MOSH IT UP. Marea surpriza din acest concert va fi  revenirea pe scena dupa o groaza de ani a trupei EMPATHOLOGICAL NECROTICISM (grind), astia-s baieti din brigada veche care in trecut si-au adus aportul si astazi totusi avem o scena metal. De asemenea veti putea savura trupele autohtone SELF PROGRAMMED DEAF, DORIAN GRAY si RAINCORE.

Friday, October 18, 2013

01.11.2013 KROW, VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC & ABNORMYNDEFFECT @ Albion

Brutal Basarabia si Axa Valaha, va invita la cel mai mare macel din aceasta toamna, alaturi de prietenii nostri brazilieni KROW pe care ati avut ocazia sa-i vedeti live la Chisinau aproximativ cu un an in urma si cred ca toti vor fi fericiti sa-i revada \m/

Tot in calitate de oaspeti de onoare ii vom avea gore/grindrerii austrieci VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC, pentru iubitorii de dansuri va fi o atmosfera perfecta.

Suport local vor fi  ABNORMYNDEFFECT, cei care vin intotdeauna cu muzica buna si cu atmosfera dementiala \m/

Ora: 20:00
Pret: 80 lei
Sustineti scena underground \m/

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Va invitam la a doua editie a fest-ului Mosh It Up.
Invitati speciali vor fi trupa ucraineana deathcore/progressive EMILIA.

Suport Local vor fi trupele:
Empathological Necroticism (grindcore) -  dupa o lunga perioada de timp in care trupa nu a activat, vom asista la renasterea trupei.
Self Programmed Deaf (groove metal)
Dorian Gray (deathcore)
Raincore (metalcore).

Ora: 19:00
Club: Albion
Intrare: 70 lei.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

File din istorie: NECROSIS

     Trupa NECROSIS a fost formata in 1995, la inceput se numeau NECROSIS BIRTHRATE. In 1996 au cantat pentru prima data live in sustinerea alegerii presedintelui R.M. Petru Lucinschi. In perioada 1995-1996 au avult loc mai multe schimbari in componenta trupei ca ulterior sa li se alature cei mai buni muzicieni death metal din acea vreme. Dupa destramarea trupei majoritatea membrilor si-au format propriile trupe sau s-au alaturat unora deja existente. Intr-un cuvant aceasta trupa a fost un imbold serios pentru dezvoltarea scenei metal basarabene.
      Incepand din 1994 cand abia se puneau bazele trupei, baietii cantau rock rusesc, rock’n’roll cu influente punk ca mai apoi sa exploreze stiluri ca trash-core(1995), trash/death(1996), death metal/trash(1997) si spre final death/trash/black/grindcore. In acea perioada cand trupele autohtone din primul val de muzica extrema de la inceputul anilor 90 ( Zombie attack, Sarcoma I, Sarcoma II, Supposed Blasphemy, Soul Absurd, Uthopia, Mistral, Accident, L.S.D., Paradox, Exorcist, Marazm, Noise, Pantheon etc) erau desfiintate sau pe ultima suta de metri, NECROSIS a fost o punte spre al 2-lea val care la randul sau a cuprins trupe ca Witch Desire, Inferialis, Ad Patres, Empathologocal Necroticism, Seas on the moon, Suicide, Fatal etc. Au sustinut mai multe zeci de concerte atat in Chisinau cat si in Tiraspol, au organizat festivalul „Renasterea Brutalitatii” (Возрождение Брутальности) si o multime alte concerte atat lor cat si altor trupe. Au fost inregistrate cateva live-uri si 2 demo-uri: „Hydrocephalus” – 1997 si „Golem” – 1998. Au dat mai multe interviuri la radio si la emisiuni tv ca Rock Vagon, Metallunatic s.a. In 1998 trupa s-a destramat insa ulterior a inceput un nou val cu trupe (Disentomb, Butchers/Abnormyndeffect, Sepsys, Carneval, Dakon, Chordewa, Offertorium, Aeon of death, Neuromist, Need 4 speed etc) care au fost influentati cel putin de activitatea trupei NECROSIS.

     Iata membrii care au facut parte din trupa:
VLAD de "S.@.D." - Vocals, texts, arrangements, deathsign
YURA"VASIA" - Vocals
VADIM "SAMOLYOT" - Back vocals,Guitars/solo
ALEXANDR "GALITSYN" - Guitars/rhythms
MAXIM "MüLLER" - Guitars/rhythms
VLAD LOZANOV - Guitars/arrangements
STASIK - Guitars
VICTOR "GOBLIN" - Bass,Guitars rhythms/solo
MAXIM "BOMJ" - Bass/music&arrangements
NAZAR "ZAZA" - Drums/director

Va invit sa audiati o piesa de pe demo-ul "Golem" 1998

Celelalte piese le puteti audia pe canalul nostru youtube

                                                                                Live de la ultimul lor concert

Nick aka Fieldy