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Interviu cu Multinational Corporations (grindcore, Pakistan) + review-ul EP-ului "Jamat-Al-Maut"

Multinational Corporations este o trupa grindcore din Lahore, Pakistan. Trupa este formata din 2 membri : Hassan la vocal, texte si Sheraz care baga toate instrumentele inclusiv masterizarea. Si-au inceput activitatea in 2011, iar pe 23.03.2014 au lansat primul lor material discografic: EP-ul “Jamat-AL-Maut”. Stilistic acest material ne prezinta un mix de grindcore/hardcore/punk/crust si cel mai important – totul intr-un sound de-ala raw in stilul anilor ’90 inspirat de la trupe legendare ca Doom, Discharge, Extreme noise terror, Disrupt etc.  Cu un puternic mesaj social/politic, prin piese ca “Fuck Your Patriotism”, “Stratum slave” , “White collar communism”, “Advertisement overdose” baietii iau atitudine fata de toate barierele impuse de om/societate.  Influente punk se simt mai ales in piesa “L.P.C.” care este o abreviere din limba pakistaneza, in traducere libera “aseaza-te pe pula mea” (asta asa ca fapt divers). EP-ul se incheie cu piesa “Penniless Pride”, o piesa ceva mai atmosferica  spre sfarsit in care chitaristul baga un solo perfect pentru final. Acesti baieti au dat un exemplu excellent de protest prin arta impotriva unui sistem socio-politic plin de prejudecati/limite si tot genul de bariere. Pentru asta chiar merita tot respectful.  Eu zic ca iubitorii de sunet classic grindcore/punk trebuie sa asculte acest material!
Mai jos va invit sa cititi un interviu cu Hassan si Sheraz, membrii trupei MxCx :
BB: Hello Hassan, welcome to Brutal Basarabia pages and thank you for the opportunity to makean interview with you.
Hassan: Hey, thanks for the interview and the chance to connect with all Moldovans who listen to heavy music!

BB: First of all tell us about your band Multinational Corporations.
Hassan: MxCx is a grindcore/crust punk band formed by me and Sheraz Ahmed in 2011 to let loose all our anger and hatred against society and the system - pretty much how all grind bands are formed! Haha. There was no grind band, let alone scene, in Pakistan and it was pretty much open ground for us to come in and tell people what grind was all about.

BB: Your EP “jamat – al – maut” is a great work and you received a very positive feedback from grindcore/crust/punk/hardcore fans all over the world. Tell us about the recording/writing process.
Hassan: Recording/Writing was pretty much a simple process. It was very DIY, I mean our own jam room was our studio. Had no fancy equipment. But we knew how we wanted to sound like and how we wanted the songs to come out. We went in the studio for 4 days and the tracks were pretty much written by Sheraz in the studio as we went along, with me giving some minor input. Except "Salaab," "White Collar Communism" and "Advertisement Overdose" were made a year before, the rest were all fresh new stuff written and recorded in the studio. After the songs were done I would write lyrics the same day, or use poetry I had written and crystallize them as lyrics, as in the case of Penniless Pride and Stratum Slave. Vocals would be done the same day or the next. It was very much a "hit and run" kind of job haha. We would mix the tracks on the spot and once all the final mixes were compiled, we sent them to our American brother Jeff Fischer (who has a noise/grind/crust band called Nihilist Holiday with me) to master them. It was a very plain effort, but we enjoyed every hour of it. Often people would come visit our recordings, such as Ahsan from the band Irritum, Amar from me and Sheraz's other band Foreskin, and even a guy from my university who wanted to document metal bands in the city. We were headbanging, moshing, having immense fun in the studio so when we saw everyone enjoying the EP as much as we enjoyed making it - it made us very happy.

BB:  On the EP beside of guitars did you play drums or did you used some soft/program?
Sheraz: I cannot play those drums live, I made them into a computer. But my friend Amar Ali (guitarist of my crossover thrash band named Foreskin) can play the drum parts and we jam to Jamat-Al-maut as well, you can find the videos of our jams on the page. I prefer writing the drum parts myself and then getting a drummer to play them live, helps me to get the control over the structure of the song during writing process.

BB: What can you say about The artwork and the concept of your EP?
Hassan: The artwork on our Bandcamp was made by Aneeq Zaman well over a year ago for the band and at the time we weren't really active - on a sort of a hiatus after a demo in 2011. He even named the art "Jamat-al-Maut." I showed the art to Sheraz and we decided to get MxCx started again. The art basically shows stuff related to Pakistan, made in a typical grind collage style. There's references to the military/armed forces, nationalism, religious extremism, and all sorts of things that guide the life in Pakistan - things that we wanted to lash out against in the EP. I think Aneeq did a great job on the art, you all should check his own Grind/Punk band called Throttle Instinct.

BB: The EP includes lyrical themes like politics and society, How did these spheres influenced you through the years?
Hassan: It's impossible to escape politics here. It's so deeply entrenched in society, and it creates a very suffocating atmosphere for open-minded free-thinkers. The rage boils inside you and you just wait for a chance to let it rip. MxCx's debut EP was our chance to just let all of that shit out in a musical format. We wanted it to be venemous and we wanted to destroy all the petty little shit Pakistani society is obsessed with. All of my lyrics come from direct experiences with things that form my world-view, and as such the lyrics express anti-nationalist, anti-sectarian, anti-Taliban, etc themes. I put a lot of my heart and raw passion into the lyrics, so I hope people do read them too when they listen to the defeaning screams and crazy blasts.

BB: If you would choose, which song is the most representative for Multinational Corporations?
Hassan: Musically and aesthetically I would say Salaab. It's fast, it's loud, it's angry and it's catchy too. The lyrics are about the politician Imran Khan and his upper class supporters who whine about wanting a revolution, and making songs about shit like that is very typical of MxCx. We're in your fucking face and we don't care what you think about us, cuz we talk real shit. 
Sheraz: Stratum slave I guess, it has the fast parts, the crust, the bass lines, the grooves. I guess that song is the perfect representation of what Multinational Corporations music is all about. Salab can make it there as well, since it has almost the same structure. Basically the whole EP is the best representative of Multinational corporations music.

BB: Do you have any plans to release a full-length album?
Hassan:  Yeah, later on. Me and Sheraz were just discussing this the other day, we plan on doing a full length maybe in 2 years or so when we feel we're ready and we have a label who'd be willing to put it out physically. We have a lot to achieve musically before that, a lot of ways in which the band's sound can evolve and grow.

BB: I know that besides Multinational Corporations you play in other bands like Nihilist Holiday and Kafir e Azam. Also your mate Sheraz Ahmed plays in Dionysus, Ilhaam and Marwolaeth (also all instruments). How do you guys manage it all?
Hassan:  Sheraz probably has a harder time than me considering he plays all instruments in ALL his projects. LOL! I just have to write some lyrics and scream them out in one or two takes. But Sheraz - that guy is a hard fucking worker and it's amazing how he balances his really difficult studies with making all sorts of music. It's fucking inspiring, I'll tell you that. Anyone who's met him can testify to it.

BB: Sheraz you’re involved in some black/doom/death metal bands, also like in Multifunctional Corporations in some of them you’re playing all instruments. How difficult it is for you and from where you get inspiration to play these specific music genres?
Sheraz: It comes naturally when you listen to a lot of different kinda music. I am a person who cannot limit himself to one genre or certain boundaries, and my music taste is so wide that I cannot do all of these things under one name, hence the side projects. And the inspiration is basically the uncompromising urge to express yourself through music, its the only way I can express myself best. So its never difficult for me.

BB: I suppose you have a interesting local extreme scene, can you recommend some bands that we should listen? Also (if it’s possible) describe your local metal scene, how did it started and how did it changed through the years.
Hassan: I cringe at calling our brigade of social misfits a genuine scene since it's primarily a group of guys playing in a bunch of bands. Haha. The fledgling phase of Pakistani Metal began in the early 90's with Dusk and other bands with it peaking sometime between the late 90's and the early 2000's. Gigs were regular back then, but most bands played covers and very few had any original material that remains to this day - the aforementioned Dusk alongside Corpsepyre and Hell Dormant however do. The mostly death metal scene died and a new one arose sometime in 2006-2008 that was influenced by the modern metal shit like Pantera, Lamb of God, Dream Theater and that generic garbage. Even though I like some few songs from those bands, even at the time I was more about shit like Repulsion and Poison Idea than a random Paki band covering Lamb of God in 2008. Hahaha. That shit went on til like 2010. It's gotten better though, thanks to Sheraz's band Dionysus and his grooming of creative and able guitarists such as Ahsan of funeral doom band Irritum, and other people doing their own thing such as the bands Marg (Punk Rock/Heavy Metal), Necktarium (Black Metal/Shoegaze), Myosis (Sludge/Doom), Tabahi (Thrash Metal), Black Hour (Traditional Heavy Metal) and others. Punk/Grind/etc is a recent phenomenon mostly with bands like Bvlghvm coming from Rawalpindi playing Powerviolence, Throttle Instinct from Karachi playing Grind/hardcore, and my other project Kafir-E-Azam doing Mince/Grind.

BB: Which genre of music that you’re playing is the closest to you?
Sheraz: Doom. Can't live without the doom.

BB: How the Pakistan society (non –metal listeners) looks at the extreme music and how they perceive the style and the attitude of grinders ? Are their oppinions influenced by religion?
Hassan: Pakistani people have no idea what this kinda music is so they just lump it with rock music or other kinds of "foreign" music haha. The most they will say when they hear some kinda extreme metal or loud punk is "what noise is this?" which happens everywhere in the world I guess. As far as opinions being influenced by religion - not so much in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad I guess cuz Pakistan always has had a musical culture and ancient Sufi traditions always venerated religion through music and dances. But some places like Peshawar have some more strict shit - my friend Zarnoob of the band Deimos was telling me about how a friend of his wasn't allowed to wear a Black Sabbath shirt in his university. Overall though it's chill with regards to religion - you have to realize that Pakistan is not like Iran or Saudi Arabia where there is some religious police patrolling the streets and shit like that. Pakistan has had a bit of a secular past and only became more right wing/conservative in the 80's due to foreign interference and funding of General Zia who "Islamized" the nation. Even right now Pakistan is in a kind of limbo between being left-wing/liberal/progressive and right-wing/conservative/idiotic. Hahah. 

BB: Do you have concerts in different cities ? How often do you play live?
Hassan:  MxCx doesn't play live YET but we will soon. Me and Sheraz's other band Foreskin, and his Doom Metal band Dionysus do play live however. Live gigs are sporadic, sometimes only one gig a year at every city. The three main metal gig places in the country are Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, these days Islamabad is upping the scene with some big profile gigs with sponsorships and stuff. Let's see if it bears fruit.

BB: With which bands would you like to make a split?
Hassan:  We have some really rad split plans but we don't wanna reveal them until it's 100% confirmed. But all the bands we wanna do splits with are fucking killer bands who've been around longer than us so it will be an honor for us. But yeah, not gonna count our chickens til they hatch. 
Sheraz: Any band out there writing honest and original music that doesn't sound like another copy cat of anal cunt or extreme noise terror. Basically quality bands who know their shit. 

BB: I know that you like oldschool hip hop music.What are your favorites bands/mc’s? Do you think that hiphop culture and grindcore have something in common? 
Hassan:  Fav MCs/Groups would have to be A Tribe Called Quest, Beatnuts, Wu Tang, Pharcyde, Gang Starr, Redman, Organized Konfusion.. basically a lotta East Coast Hip-Hop. That genre was the best. Had the best kinda beats - grimey but funky, best DJ's, best MC's, and the lyrics covered everything from gangsta shit to political to downright weird/crazy haha. As far as the connection between Hip Hop and Grindcore... definitely. I think Punk (where old school grind stems from) actually has a lot in common with old school hip hop - modern day is a different tale for both genres. You gotta remember that in the 80's the place that had the best Punk/Hardcore scene also had the best Hip-Hop scene - New York. And even KRS-1 was on a Sick of it All record once! Crazy. But yeah, I know a lot of grinders who are into hip-hop, even Sheraz digs shit like Ice Cube, Comptons Most Wanted, and stuff. I think classic rap is impossible to hate in general.

BB: Sheraz What are the your favorites guitarists that influenced you like a musician?
Sheraz: There are many, but to name a few: Yngwie Malmsteen, Dave Murray, Glen Tipton, Jon Nodveidt, Tony Iommi, Ritchi Blackmore, Gary Moore, Dan Swano.
BB: As I know you’re a head/writer on Eternal Abhorrence zine. Congrats mate, it’s a great work. What is the purpose of your zine?
Hassan:  I just wanted to have a site where I can review and interview my favorite bands, along with some cool new bands. I hadn't written stuff for a while and I had the craving - but I didn't wanna write for some other zine. I'm the kind of person who's very selfish when it comes to having ownership over my creative content haha. So I made my own zine and it's been going good, I've had the opportunity to talk to my favorite bands as a result, for example Doom and Integrity - 2 bands who've changed my life. Hope to review/interview some killer stuff from Moldova too.

BB: I’m really honored that we made this interview! At the end what do you want to say to metalheads from Moldova?
Hassan: Thanks for the support! Hope to see you out in Moldova some day, if we ever get to go on a grind-tour haha!

Mai jos gasiti link-uri la trupele in care mai activeaza cei doi:

Multinational Corporations

Dionysus (black/doom):

Irritum (funeral doom):

Flaw (experimental rock):

Marwolaeth (OSDM);


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Interview with Rich Nagasawa from Dehumanized, NYDM legend!

BB: Well, already a year has passed as the long-awaited "Controlled Elite" came out. Your fans had to wait 15 years!!! Thanks for the reunion, by the way :)) I know you have collaborated with your brothers Terrance and Frank) Tell me please, how was it working on this album?

Rich: Hey Misarubka, and thanks for doing the Interview.. We worked very hard to make this record what it is and we are very happy with the outcome and response it has been getting. It is a great honor for us to have Terrance and Frank from the legandary Suffocation on our album!

BB: Was there a certain concept for "Controlled Elite"?

Rich: Well you would have to ask our vocalist Mike Centrone about that being that he wrote majority of the lyirics on the record but there definitely is a "concept" as far as politics, grimyness and reality are concerned!


BB: Now you participate in a series of concerts on the American continent. Do you plan any tour in Europe?

Rich: Yes we are actually headed to Europe with our friends in Malignancy, Abnormality and Beneath from April 18 till May 3rd.. hope to see u fuckers there!!

BB: Paul Tavora recently left the band. Can you tell me more details? Are you searching for a replacement?

Rich: Well Paul was forced to leave the band due to personal issues.. We tried a few people out since but unfortunately no one that fits what we are looking for.. Definitely talented people but not for what we are doing.

BB: Who in the group is responsible for writing the lyrics?

Rich: That would be Mike Centrone, besides lyrics that were already written Mike has total control in the lyrical department and we are very happy with his lyrical structure and creativity!

BB: Is Comatose Music managing better your ''business'' than Pathos Productions?

Rich: Well I wouldn't compare the two because both labels have done so much for us in the past til today.. I must say that John Dwyer and Steve Green are very Reputable names in the death metal community.. Steve Green has definitely had our back the last few years and we can't wait to put out our new album on Comatose music!

BB: Do you remember your first guitar? And why did you choose this instrument?

Rich: I do, it was a Kramer Aerostar and it was pretty crappy haha but I learned how to play on that and eventually upgraded to an Ibanez RG570 and took it from there!

BB: Rich, you are one of the founders of the group. We are all very curious to know how your career started. If possible, tell us about the stages of the group, from the first rehearsals with the first lineup to your debut album, which is a piece of gold for that period.

Rich: Well George Torres and I first jammed in the fall of 1995, after the first rehearsal we knew we had something special musically between us, I mean we were into the same bands and same style of music and just vibed off of eachother.. We just worked and worked on writing songs and recorded our first demo "Terminal Punishment" just 2 months after our first jam together. It was pretty crazy how fast the chemistry and songwriting came together and we just took it from there and here we are 18 years later doing it after a few break ups along the way feeling better about where we are musically and it's definitely more fun than ever!!

BB: And the last question, name the TOP 10 Death Metal albums that are the most revealing for you.

01. Suffocation - Pierced From Within
02. Death - Individual Thought Patterns
03. Malevolant Creation - Retribution
04. Cannibal Corpse - The Bleeding
05. Dying Fetus - Purification Through Violence
06. Deicide - Legion
07. Despised Icon - The Ills of Modern Man
08. Waking The Cadaver - Real Life death
09. Carcass - Heartwork
10. Any Death Metal band that brings something new to the table!

BB: Add a few words for the readers of Brutal Basarabia and all moldovian metal maniacs!

Rich: Thank you for the Interview and keep your eyes and ears open for a lot of DEHUMANIZED news in the near future including a brand new record! See you all in Europe and abroad! \m/


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Interviu cu Petri Eskelinen (vocal, FAMINE YEAR) + review-ul albumului Ja Kaiken Kruunaa Kuolema/FY

BB: Welcome to Brutal Basarabia and thanks for taking the time to talk with us.
Pete: Thanks for having us! I think this is our first interview to a foreign media so it is a special occasion for us. This calls for drinks!!!

BB: For those who don’t know about you, can you tell shortly how do you see yourselves and how did FAMINE YEAR begin?
Pete: The way I see it is that FAMINE YEAR is a crust/grind-flavored hardcore punk band. The band was started around 2008 by our drummer Tumppi and our ex-guitarist Vesa. They made a demotape that Tumppi played to me at a Reclaim The Streets-event and asked if I wanted to join in. All I could hear was that it was fast and loud so of course I said YES. Then we recruited Niklas to play bass and the first line-up was ready. After a while we had to let Vesa go but he was replaced by Make. We've done 3 demos, a split 7" with Hautaus, a 7" and a full-length album that was released in December 2013.                                              

  BB: Congrats on the new album „Ja Kaiken Kruunaa Kuolema”, it’s a really great work. Tell us about writing and recording process of the new album.
Pete: Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it. There's not much to tell, writing music is a pretty natural process to us, the boys come up with riffs and basic structures for songs and then we basically jam them together at rehearsals. We didn't really have any kind of expectations or vision of direction, we just wrote a bunch of songs we liked and recorded them. Simple as that. We recorded the album at the rehearsal place with a friend of ours and had another friend mix and master it.

BB: Tell us a little bit about the concept of „Ja Kaiken Kruunaa Kuolema” from your perspective?
Pete: Unfortunately we were a little bit pressed for time when putting the covers together, mostly because I was taking care of sending the materials to our friend did the layout aaand I'm a bit of a space cadet. It would have been cool to have translations for the lyrics on the insert. The way I see the concept is that us "regular people" have little control over the way our society is run. Decisions are made for us by people we've trusted to look after our interests in society and, as we know, most of them are degenerate liars who sell their ideals to the highest bidder in a heartbeat. Therefore, we go about our lives, trying to play with the cards dealt to us by the people "in charge". We try voting but only get to choose the lesser of two evils. And then we die. "Ja kaiken kruunaa kuolema" translates directly into "and death crowns it all."

BB: What serves as influences for Famine Year and from where you get inspiration?
Pete: Our inspiration comes from just looking around and noticing how fucked we really are. We're pretty lucky to live in a country that still considers itself to be a welfare state, we're not homeless or starving but we're also seeing how the world around us is slowly degenerating and being dragged into the ground by greed. Greed is the single most destructive thing affecting our society and it will also be the death of our society. Things maybe relatively good now but I doubt it will be like that for our children. Musically we're influenced by punk, hardcore and metal, haha!

BB: What are some of the lyrical themes present in FY’s work?
Pete: Disgust, anger, alienation, fear. Like I said before, society is fucked and will continue to get more fucked unless we wake up and do something quickly. That's about it.

BB: If you remember, in 2010 on 20 january, in Helsinki you have played with Abnormyndeffect from Moldova. What memories do you have from that gig?
Pete: Yeah, I remember that show! It was Antti's birthday party. Good times were had, drinks were drunk... I don't have any specific memories from that show except I do remember that Abnormyndeffect was pretty insane. Good times!

BB: As I know , at that show you played without a guitar player. Only drums, bass and vocals. Why?!
Pete: We had let our previous guitar player go and hadn't found a new one. We were still offered shows so we figured "why not" and just played a few shows as a three-piece.

BB: Describe your local underground Finnish grindcore scene. Can you recommend some grind/crust punk bands?
Pete: The scene is actually pretty good, there's plenty of great bands in Finland at the moment! You should check out Cut To Fit, Nistikko, Spawn From Deceit, Psykoanalyysi, Better Not Born, Temppeliherrat, Kovaa Rasvaa, Uhrit, Silminnäkijä, Death Toll 80K, Autuus?, Arrestum... I probably forgot some bands but those should get you started, hehe!

BB: Do You have any plans for touring? What do you think about to make an East European Tour?
Pete: There's always talk about touring but we have families and jobs so leaving home for an extended period is not an option for everybody. Or maybe it is but I guess it just comes down to making arrangements and making that choice. East Europe would be sick, we just need somebody to                                                                                         arrange it in a way that it would make sense for us.

BB: Except your musical activity what do you do? What hobbies and interests do you have?
Pete: Firstly, I have a six month old baby girl so family is my main focus, besides music of course! I'm into basic things. I try to read as much as I can, I love traveling, movies, good food and wines. Recently I've tried archery a few times and I really liked it, maybe that will become my new hobby! I don't think I can afford the equipment soon though... Music is my main thing. All the time that's not filled by my family, is filled with music.

BB: Thank you very much for talking to us! Do you have anything you would like to say to metalheads all over Moldova?!
Pete: Thank you for the interview! Hopefully we'll make it there soon! Keep grinding!!!


Mai jos scris un mic review al noului album FY "“Ja kaiken kruunaa kuolema”

Famine Year s-au format in 2008,in Helsinki,Finlanda. In 2011 au scos un demo “MMXI”, in 2012 – un EP “Tervetuloa Tilastoihin” iar in 2013 ne-au bucurat cu un full-length “Ja kaiken kruunaa kuolema”. Pentru amatorii de punk/crust acest album e unul din cele mai bune scoase anul trecut. Stilistic vorbind albumul prezinta un mix perfect de punk/hardcore/grind/crust ajustat cu sound-ul ala specific scandinav atat de apreciat in lumea-ntreaga. Timp de de aproximativ 18 minute veti putea audia 15 piese pline de energie. Tobele dau pieselor un ritm rapid acesta fiind alimentat de furia chitarilor. In completare perfecta vine vocalul nervos ca doar e Petri Eskelinen (vocal in Feastem). Daca va plac trupe ca Tragedy, Victims, Feastem, From Ashes Rise atunci e sigur un must-listen.
Puteti audia albumul pe profilul lor pe bandcamp.

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28.03.2014 DAGARA (thrash/hardcore, France) + local support @ Albion Club

Dagara (thrash/hardcore , Franta) - s-au format in 2007, iar in 2008 au scos primul lor material discografic - EP-ul "Dagara". Dupa cateva concerte au avut modificari in componenta trupei si in stilul abordat astfel ca in septembrie 2010 s-a inceput o noua etapa a activitatii lor.Un an mai tarziu au lansat un EP "La Regle du Je" care contine 5 piese. Primul album de studio "La route du Chaos" a fost inregistrat in primavara anului 2013.

Local Support
Before the Reign (post-hardcore/metalcore, Chisinau) s-au format in 2011, au scos de atunci 2 EP-uri, "Cycles" in 2012 si "Alpha" in 2013 si 5 single-uri.
Ora 21:00
Club Albion (Str. A.Puskin 22)
Invite & Share

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04.04.2014 HEXIS (Denmark) + STARCHITECT (Ukraine) + local support @ ALBION Club

Boogieman DIY Booking prezinta:

HEXIS (hardcore/black metal, Danemarca) - s-au format la inceputul anului 2010 in Copenhaga, inspirati din creatia unor trupe ca Celeste, Shora, Altar of Plagues. In 2010 au scos primul lor material discografic, EP-ul "Tape", dupa care au scos un 3-way split cu As We Draw si Euglena. In 2012 au scos 2 EP-uri: "X" si "Seputus|Fatum" dupa care au lansat o compilatie cu toata discografia sub numele "XI". La inceputul anului 2014 au lansat primul album de studio "Abalam".

STARCHITECT (post-metal, Ukraina) - s-au format in 2008 in orasul Herson ca un duet intre chitarist si tobosar. Dupa 1 an de activitate au debutat pe un  split cu Fading Waves.Dupa o perioada de timp in componenta trupei a venit si un bassist ceea ce a adaugat forta muzicii si in 2011 si-au inceput activitatea concertistica prin orasele Ucrainei. In vara aceluiasi an au lansat primul material discografic, albumul "No" care contine 7 piese. In toamna lui 2011 au facut un turneu cu trupa engleza The Death of Her Money.

Support local
THE CURSED (Groove metal, Chisinau)

Ora : 19:00
Club Albion, str Puskin 22
Pret: 65 lei

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12.04.14 INTERGALACTIC BRUTAL FEST: GUTALAX + BRUD +Local support live in Chisinau @ Albion club

În special de Ziua Cosmonauticii, 12 aprilie 2014, clubul va invită pe toți la Albion: Intergalactic BRUTAL FEST!!!
Pentru prima dată în Republica Moldova, una din cele mai tari trupe gore/grind din Cehia și Europa - GUTALAX , va oferi un spectacol de neuitat pentru toti iubitorii de dansuri si gore/grind din Europa de Est!
Gutalax (gore/grind, Cehia) - s-au format in 2009 in orasul Křemže.Au la activ un album de studio si doua split-uri, ultimul l-au scos chiar anul trecut in 2013 cu Haemorrhage.

Invitati speciali din Ukraina, Ivano-Frankivsk - BRUD (grindcore)

Support local vor fi trupele :
 ABNORMYNDEFFECT ,dupa o perioada de absenta baietii vor reveni intr-o noua componenta.Despre ce este vorba veti vedea singuri.

 Dorian Gray  (deathcore,Moldova)

Inainte de prestatia trupelor,va avea loc CARBON PRE-Party, condus de DR. GONZO!
P.S. Costume, masti, tot felul de imagini pervertite și imagine sunt binevenite!
Ora :19-00
Pret: 80 lei
Club Albion

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16.04.14 SWEDISH BLACK METAL over Albion, Netherbird (Swe) & Withershin (Swe) + local support

Inkaholic Studio si Suffocator invita toti iubitorii de black metal si nu numai la "Swedish Black Metal over Albion" care va avea loc pe 16.04.2014.
Pentru prima data in Moldova ne vor incanta cu black metal nordic oaspetii din Suedia NETHERBIRD și WITHERSHIN.

NETHERBIRD (Swedish melodic Black/Death Metal) s-au format in 2004, in Stockholm. Au in palmarez 3 albume de studio si mai multe EP-uri.

WITHERSHIN (Black Metal) s-au format in 2006, in Stockholm. In 2008 au lansat primul lor album de studio, iar in 2010 au un EP si un demo in 2007 pe care-l puteti audia aici

Suport local vor fi ADVENT FOG - Symphonic Black Metal (Moldova,Tiraspol).

16 Aprilie 2014
Ora 20:00
Albion Club
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