Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gangsta Paradise: Interview with Defeated Sanity (Lille Gruber [drumkilla] & Konstantin L├╝hring [voxdzilla])

Defeated Sanity
I know that you guys are working now on your new album, and it seems to be something more that an ordinary full lenght album. The process goes well?

The process is almost finished actually, we just need some lyrics and vocal patterns. It will be basically just 2 EP's one one CD .
The brutal EP is almost done, we have to write one more song lyrically, the tracking for the prog. EP is still going, next is gonna be guitars.

Well,it is.. it's kinda a Defeated Sanity / Defeated Sanity Split CD..showing both sides of the band.
One side will featuring the Most Brutal Downtuned Guttural Songs in history of DS...the other side will show the more technical/old school face of the Band. It will still have all og our trademarks just separated.

This is great, by the way, who will make the artwork? Toshihiro Egawa, according to tradition?

See, that's a thing we haven't even thought about yet..we don't have a cover concept yet, and it might actually be two different covers. Maybe we can use 2 artists or something...that could be kickass.

Cool, less gory themes)).
Ok let's have a step back in history of the band. Lille, I know you start this thing with your dad, Wolfgang Teske. How it was? how you started to play?.. because I know you are a multi-instrumentalist. 

Well I got into Metal when I was a kid, my dad was already a kickass drummer and guitarist and showed me things here and there. He rended up really enjoying the music I listened to. That is really about it. I was nowhere near finding people my own age to play with me, so we jammed together.

In February, you made a split with Mortal Decay, your song ''Generosity of Deceased'', is phenomenal, a big structural complexity, that tasty oldschool sound, that snare man, this song is a little bit unusual for ya. It seems you guys are working hard to crush the tops again. How did the songwriting and recording process for this album compare to your previous?

Well.. I agree that it sounds completely different, but I think it’s not getting more complex, more the contrary. It has very lucid structure and persisting on groove for longer periods than we usually do it. The whole song was written by me, lyrics and music. The brutal EP will be mostly my composition. 
It was recorded entirely by Jacob and so far we can't be happier, have to finish the vocals for two more songs though.

Tell me please about your gear.

I use a Pearl masters studio kit with toms 12, 13 and 16, 14 Ludwig black beauty snare drum, Pearl eliminator pedals, and mostly Sabian cymbals. No endorsement!
Chris uses Bc Rich guitars, line 6 amp.
Jacob uses Spector and Modulus basses and Sansamp stuff as amp.

In last 10 years, death metal scene suffered a ''plastic mutation'', a lot of unoriginal bands witch play 4-5 riffs that is used in whole album, too much triggers, synthetic sound etc. It's hard to find a really good album in theese days. What is your opinion about this thing? Why musicians went in this field of regression? (because technically, now we have more opportunities than in the past).

So true!!!! It seems that most of these Bands don't care about Songwritting. It's all about being the most guttural,technical,whatever band. To be honest with you... I don't like 95% of nowadays brutal death metal bands.

I have to agree with you. I dunno, it's hard to come up with something new and exciting nowadays. I just know that we are busting our asses to create good songs with an all killer, no filler mentality. That means killer riffs, with killer drum patterns, Killer complimenting bass parts, Killer vocals singing killer lyrics. 
All that packaged in killer compositions that have good form and build tension.
That is all I can say about what is missing today.

In this summer, you have a tour in USA with Carnivore Diprosopus and Skinned. What are your expectations? You’ll meet A. J Magana hehe :)) will you guys play some songs with him?

It might be that, we will perform a few songs featuring A.J. at the San Diego show. We hope to have a great time there. See some new cities and crush all the followers of brutal death metal.

What song from ''Passages Into Deformity'' took a long time to get right?

The Purging - was very hard to finish that one. Sometimes u get stuck somewhere during the process of songwriting, and u can never really fix certain problems. That was the case with that song.
Konni (left)   Lille(right)

Who are your top 5 german metal bands of all time? 

Hahaha)), my fave album from a"German-speaking" band is ’’Not To Be Undimensional Conscious’’ by Disharmonic Orchestra, but they're from Austria so that doesn't count I guess ... so
1. Atrocity - Longing for Death/Todessehnsucht (this Album far ahead of its time!!!)
2. Defeated Sanity-Chapters of Repugnance (I'm not on that Album,so I guess it's ok to like it :))
3. (early) Kreator
4. Infested
5. Ingurgitating Oblivion.

Atrocity, Morgoth, Kreator + Despondency and Necrophagist, for death metal bands.

What do you like to do beside music?

Sport, fishing, biking, wandering, chillin with friends, spend time with my wife and traveling.

Hang out with the girlfriend, watching movies, I would like to play soccer again....but way too busy with music all day everyday.

Did you have a favorite football team, Lille?

No, I hate that business, I love the game, I like playing.

What's currently in heavy rotation in your MP3 player?

Songs of the upcoming albums from Defeated Sanity and Revulsed. That's how I prepare for recordings :) .

Name your top death metal albums that are the most revealing for you.

01. Immolation - Dawn of Possesseion & Here in After

02. Suffocation - Effigy of the Forgotten & Pierced from Within

03. Gorguts - Considered Dead & Erosion of Sanity

04. Death - Spiritual Healing & Human

05. Incantation - Onward to Golgotha

06. Internal Bleeding - Voracious Contempt

07. Cannibal Corpse - Butchered at Birth & Tomb of The Mutilated

08. Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick

09. Deeds of Flesh - Trading Pieces

10. Autopsy - Mental Funeral & Acts of The Unspeakable

11. Disgorge Cranial Impalement & She Lay Gutted

12. Devourment - Molesting The Decapitated

13. Gorgasm - Stabwound Intercourse & Masticate To Dominate

14. Possessed - Seven Churches 

15. Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption.

Thank you guys for your answers, and for the final add a few words for the readers of Brutal Basarabia and all moldovian metal maniacs!

To all Moldovian Metal Maniacs out there, Keep it Fucking Sick!!! You Guys rule!
We had a great Time in Romania and I can't wait to come back!!!!!!!

Keep it brutal and I hope we will see all of you in Moldavia in the near future.

Our tradition: A message from Lille Gruber ;)

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