Friday, March 28, 2014

Interview with Rich Nagasawa from Dehumanized, NYDM legend!

BB: Well, already a year has passed as the long-awaited "Controlled Elite" came out. Your fans had to wait 15 years!!! Thanks for the reunion, by the way :)) I know you have collaborated with your brothers Terrance and Frank) Tell me please, how was it working on this album?

Rich: Hey Misarubka, and thanks for doing the Interview.. We worked very hard to make this record what it is and we are very happy with the outcome and response it has been getting. It is a great honor for us to have Terrance and Frank from the legandary Suffocation on our album!

BB: Was there a certain concept for "Controlled Elite"?

Rich: Well you would have to ask our vocalist Mike Centrone about that being that he wrote majority of the lyirics on the record but there definitely is a "concept" as far as politics, grimyness and reality are concerned!


BB: Now you participate in a series of concerts on the American continent. Do you plan any tour in Europe?

Rich: Yes we are actually headed to Europe with our friends in Malignancy, Abnormality and Beneath from April 18 till May 3rd.. hope to see u fuckers there!!

BB: Paul Tavora recently left the band. Can you tell me more details? Are you searching for a replacement?

Rich: Well Paul was forced to leave the band due to personal issues.. We tried a few people out since but unfortunately no one that fits what we are looking for.. Definitely talented people but not for what we are doing.

BB: Who in the group is responsible for writing the lyrics?

Rich: That would be Mike Centrone, besides lyrics that were already written Mike has total control in the lyrical department and we are very happy with his lyrical structure and creativity!

BB: Is Comatose Music managing better your ''business'' than Pathos Productions?

Rich: Well I wouldn't compare the two because both labels have done so much for us in the past til today.. I must say that John Dwyer and Steve Green are very Reputable names in the death metal community.. Steve Green has definitely had our back the last few years and we can't wait to put out our new album on Comatose music!

BB: Do you remember your first guitar? And why did you choose this instrument?

Rich: I do, it was a Kramer Aerostar and it was pretty crappy haha but I learned how to play on that and eventually upgraded to an Ibanez RG570 and took it from there!

BB: Rich, you are one of the founders of the group. We are all very curious to know how your career started. If possible, tell us about the stages of the group, from the first rehearsals with the first lineup to your debut album, which is a piece of gold for that period.

Rich: Well George Torres and I first jammed in the fall of 1995, after the first rehearsal we knew we had something special musically between us, I mean we were into the same bands and same style of music and just vibed off of eachother.. We just worked and worked on writing songs and recorded our first demo "Terminal Punishment" just 2 months after our first jam together. It was pretty crazy how fast the chemistry and songwriting came together and we just took it from there and here we are 18 years later doing it after a few break ups along the way feeling better about where we are musically and it's definitely more fun than ever!!

BB: And the last question, name the TOP 10 Death Metal albums that are the most revealing for you.

01. Suffocation - Pierced From Within
02. Death - Individual Thought Patterns
03. Malevolant Creation - Retribution
04. Cannibal Corpse - The Bleeding
05. Dying Fetus - Purification Through Violence
06. Deicide - Legion
07. Despised Icon - The Ills of Modern Man
08. Waking The Cadaver - Real Life death
09. Carcass - Heartwork
10. Any Death Metal band that brings something new to the table!

BB: Add a few words for the readers of Brutal Basarabia and all moldovian metal maniacs!

Rich: Thank you for the Interview and keep your eyes and ears open for a lot of DEHUMANIZED news in the near future including a brand new record! See you all in Europe and abroad! \m/