Friday, February 21, 2014

Interviu cu Peñas & Eihar din Cerebral Effusion, brutal death armada from Basque Country

BB: Hello guys! Finally I had the opportunity to interview you! Thanks! How it’s going
Pe: Fine, Thanks Theodore. Lets go!!!

BB: Well, that's already a 3 years has passed as the long-awaited "Impulsive Psychopathic Acts" came out, album which I think was a bomb, and raised the band to another level.. and I know that you are working on the new album.. can you give some more detailed information?
Pe: Yes. We are on the recording process right now and we think the final result will be blast. Cover art is finished by Marco Hassman again and it is fucking sick.

BB: For each of your releases you signed with different labels, now you'll sign with anoter, or you will continue to work with Comatose Music? 
Pe: We don’t know yet. Comatose worked really good with the band and I think it is a really good choice for the band. We have some good offers but we are thinking in the album now.
(Meanwhile, the band signed yesterday (February 20, 2014) to label New Standard Elite) - BB.

BB: One important thing, is that over the years, the band has not changed members of the band. This thing is a measure of stability and understanding in the collective.
Pe: Thanx man. We always try to play brutal music for sick people and we hope to do it forever. It’s true that all of us are playing together for many years and that’s really good for a band. We know each other and we like the same style and bands and that’s important to go on the right way.

BB: After the album comes out, you plan a tour? what countries would you like to visit?
Pe: We have no plans for now. We are only thinking on the recording process. We will finish the mixing in some days then we will talk about gigs, label, set list and more.
About countries… Well, we toured the US and it was fucking great, and Russian tour was sick. We would like to visit Asian countries (Indonesia,Thailand,Philipines,Japan and more). We have a lot of fans there and Asian gigs are insane. Australia is a good place for playing too. There are growing a lot of Australian bands that play a fucking brutal stuff.

BB: I know , you don't like to speak about spanish metal scene)) ..but, what are your opinion about evolving of local scene 
Pe: Ohhh. There are good bands over there. New bands are growing and it is really good for brutal scene. Here in Bask Lands new bands like Carnivorous Voracity, Virulency are playing gigs and showing their brutality.

BB: Which bands would you identified as leaders in the direction of the brutal death metal (now) ?
Pe: Uffffff. Difficult answer. In my opinion Disgorge USA is The brutality and I wish they record a new awesome album again.
Eihar: I think brutal death has many direction nowadays, there are some overrated bands and some underrated bands in my opinion. But in general I miss more violence in music, musicianship and being cool is ok but many bands are loosing the feeling. There are many albums that I can listen and enjoy but nothing like when I listened she lay gutted or trading pieces for example. I know it's difficult though!
BB: Eihar, who are your favourite drummers ?
Eihar: Ricky Myers, Tony Laureano, Mike Hamilton, Lille Gruber, Chad Walls and many more…

BB: Can you tell us about the gear you use?
Eihar: about gear... I have Pearl Session Custom kit, 14" snare, 12" 13" 16" toms. Axis Pedals. I use different brands for cymbals, as long as I like the sound is ok.

BB: What recent releases you liked guys?
Pe: I am listening Coprocephalic right now. I like that stuff. Carnivore Diprosopus did a good job too. I could tell u a lot of bands but ....... We have to finish some day.
I’m anxiously awaiting the new stuff from Devangelic and Abhorrent Castigation, it’s promising!
Eihar: Mortal Decay – The Blueprint for Blood Spatter / Coprocephalic – Gluttonous Chunks / Guttural Secrete – Nourishing the Spoil / Euphoric Defilement – Ascending to the Worms / Defeated Sanity - Passages Into Deformity.

BB: Eihar, What are your most influential and innovative death metal records of all time?
Eihar: Suffocation – Effigy of the Forgotten & Pierced from Within.
Disgorge (USA) – everything))), 
Deeds of Flesh – Inbreeding the Anthropophagi 
Immolation – Here In After
Devourment – Molesting the Decapitated 
Cryptopsy – None so Vile 
Brodequin – Festival of Death.

BB: Now brutal music is active developing in two directions:
First - bands is trying to improve more and more their technical/speeds skills.
Second - bands throws tons of trivial ''slam'' and groove
What is your opinion about this thing?

Pe: Yes. I agree. I like technical bands but not when they lose brutality in their musick. I think that a lot of bands lose brutal feeling trying to play technical riffs and the same In the other side, Slam bands abuse of ultra heavy riffs all the time and it is boring to me. I love both styles of music but not all bands. Anyway I speak about my feelings coz there are lot of "top
bands" that everybody love and I don’t like them so ...

BB: How often you have rehearsal and where it occurs. What equipment do you use in working process?
Pe: We use to go to rehearsal room 3 times per week together, but individually we play 6 days in a week. We have to compose riffs and arrange them, improve technical exercises and play shit.
About equipment, we use to change it. We never agree with our fucking rehearsal sound so we use to prove different kits. That’s a shit!

BB: Add a few words for the readers Brutal Basarabia and all moldavian metal maniacs! Hope you'll play someday in my country, hehe))
Pe: Playing there would be great, it would be a pleasure for us. Thanx for your patience and interview. STAY FUCKING BRUTAL MOLDAVIAN FUCKERS!!!!!!!!
Thanx Theodore, I hope we will meet in the future!


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