Friday, September 4, 2015


Ultimul release a celor de la PEOPLE PROBLEM (Powerviolence/Noise/Hardcore, Australia) este intitulat "EXAMINATIONS". Albumul a fost lansat prin intermediul Televised Suicide pentru 50 de casete pentru Total Attack 5 si prin intermediul Coffin Cutt Records - vinyl ceva mai tarziu in 2015.

1. Examinations 00:28
2. Bleak Figures 00:28
3. Test Subject 00:31
4. acrotomophilia 00:58
5. Yearn 00:31
6. I hope I O.D 00:45
7. Rope 00:39
8. I Talk To My Rifle 00:31
9. Crippled Fantasies 01:12
10. Examinations II 00:46
Release-ul poate fi ascultat aici:


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