Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Set It Raw - 4 way split w/ Fitcage / Forest Hum / Tsygun

Salutare! Pe 19 martie a fost lansat un 4 way split intitulat "Russian Grindcore Apocalypse" cu trupele: Set It Raw (Moscova) / Fitcage (Kazan/Tatarstan) / Forest Hum (Sankt Petersburg) si Tsygun (Moscova). Acest release este format din 2 parti si a aparut in format fizic pe casete audio via NO BREAD! records / distro.

Split-ul integral poate fi ascultat aici: Fitcage / Forest Hum / Set It Raw / Tsygun - 4-way split CS
Link-uri oficiale:
Set It Raw on bandcamp
Set It Raw on facebook
Set It Raw on vk
Fitcage on facebook
Fitcage on vk
Fitcage on bandcamp
Forest Hum on vk
Forest Hum on bandcamp
Tsygun on facebook
Tsygun on vk
Tsygun on bandcamp
No Bread Records/Distro on vk

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