Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Interviu cu Armin Schweiger (vocal, AFGRUND)

BB: Welcome to Brutal Basarabia and thanks for taking the time to talk with us.
Armin: You're welcome! Ahoj to the people out there!

BB: For those who don’t know about your band, can you tell shortly how you see yourselves?
Armin:Well that's quite easy. We are a bunch of guys with a serious love for grindcore. And we try doing grindcore just the way it should sound in our opinion. That's it, pretty much. 

BB: The album ”Corporatocracy” has been released few months ago. What has been the reaction from fans and critics alike?
Armin:I really can't tell so far, since i'm not after reviews. Every now and then i get one to read, if a friend forwards it to me. The reaction of fans is pretty rad, i'd say. People appreciate the slight change of style. I guess on our europe-tour with MUMAKIL in march 2013 it was mostly the Corporatocracy-stuff that made people friggin mad.

BB: Who writes the music and lyrics for afgrund? From where you get inspiration?
Armin:We all write the lyrics together, when we meet for recording sessions. The basic songs are mainly written by Enrico, but the details are done by the whole band. Our inspiration comes from a wide range of bands and genres. From oldschool deathmetal like Repulsion and Autopsy over 70's retro and 80's punk/hc/thrashmetal to even modern grind/crust bands. 

BB: What influenced you to be a part of a grindcore band?
Armin:Well i got in touch with grind when i was 16, 17 maybe. I played drums in a Blackmetal-band then, but grindcore started to really own me at this time. In 2000 i founded DISTASTE, cause i had to play grindcore, no way back, hahaha! I had some more or less serious projects and bands (deathmetal, hardcore, etc) since then, but the only everlasting band was and still is DISTASTE. When we played at a Mieszko-tribute show in Slovakia, we met AFGRUND (with founding member and singer Andi then). A few weeks later they asked me to join the band, cause Andi was supposed to quit. It's a kind of passion, that just won't let me stop grinding.

BB: What plans do you have for touring?
Armin:At this time there are no certain plans, we just know we will tour again in 2014. 

BB: Can you tell about the funniest or craziest thing happened to you in a concert/tour?
Armin: Uh, that's way too much to tell. Jeje and Tom of Mumakil gave us priceless moments en masse on our tour 2013, but in general it is always fun to tour. As one can imagine, touring is always connected with alcohol and other substances. And this gives you the best experiences. But i can't go further in details, cause i don't wanna embarrass anybody, hahahaha 

BB: When afgrund is not afgrund, what do you do to pass the time?
Armin:To be honest, sometimes even i do not know how all that is possible. I am working 6 days a week as tattoo-artist, which is taking a lot of prcious time. I guess one of the most easing things is, that none of my bands ever practice. There is simply no time to rehearse since my numerous bandmates also play in many different bands. Write songs at home, send em to your mates, rearrange some stuff, add some nice details like transitions, breaks and stuff – done. When we go on tour, we meet one day earlier, just to go through the songs once, to ensure everybody got his part right. 

BB: Any local sweedish bands we should look out ? What is the sweedish Metal scene like?
Armin:Actually i cannot tell you anything about the swedish scene since i am from austria. But from what i've heard it's not supposed to be very different from somewhere else (eastern europe is THE exception!!!). Never been there, which is going to change soon hopefully. 

BB: Can we hope that you’ll have a tour in East Europe? Maybe a concert in Chisinau, Moldova?
Armin:Well, i can't promise you that. But if we tour europe again next year, we probably won't visit exactly the same places we went 2013. Actually it is all in the hands of the potential booking agency. From what i've heard from my colleagues in other bands, it must be hell. And i am sure to check this so called hell out myself, hahahaha! I love it when people go mad, that gives me a creepy kind of enthusiasm. Nothing tops that feeling. 

BB: Thank you very much for talking to us! Do you have anything you would like to say to metalheads all over Moldova?!
Armin:Thank YOU, it was a pleasure! I hope to have the privilege of experiencing the moldavian crowd one day. Until that – stay enthusiastic, stay crazy, stay grind! See you in the pit!

Nick aka Fieldy

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