Thursday, August 14, 2014

Interview with Josh (vocals GREEN TERROR, crustgrind, Yucaipa - Inland Empire, USA )

BB: First of all could you tell us about your band Green Terror.
Josh: Green Terror has been around since 2008. We play crustgrind. We like playing for 5 people our 500. As long as we are high on hashish we don't care about anything other than playing loud and fast.

  BB: How did started your journey through musical activity?
Josh: I don't know about the rest of the guys but I got into music when I was 13 and bought Exploited live at the whitehouse. Changed my life. I been a punk ever since.

BB: Do you have/had any musical projects beside Green Terror?
Josh: I am statingan old school death metal band, bit we have no name yet...

BB: What are the mainly artists/bands that influenced you to play grindcore?
Josh: Main bands that made me want to play grind are Old Napalm Death, Terrorizer and Repulsion.

BB: Like a vocalist i guess you're composing the lyrics.From where you get inspiration and what are your main lyrical themes?
Josh: My main lyrical influences are society, anti wat anti government, marijuana and just some silly nonsense once in a while.

BB: Are you working on a new discographyc material?

Josh: We are working on a split 7" with Archagathus, and a self titled 7"... also compiling a discography tape for Grindfather Productions.

BB: How often do you play live? Can you remember the craziest live concert that you had?
Josh: We play 6-12 shows a year usually, sometimes more. Craziest show was definitely when we opened for Excruciating Terror/Nausea/Repulsion in LA last year. The pit was fucking insane...

BB: I watched some of your videoclips and i can say that they're very expressive, who is comming with ideas how the vid should look like?
Josh: I make our videos. I just use whatever crazy shit seems appropriate...

BB: I know that you're in extreme music/scene for a long time, what do you think about extreme scene nowadays?
Josh: There are more posers and hipsters now than 20 years ago but, the scene is bigger and better than ever these days. We are always stoked when a bunch of young kids Noah and get rowdy while we play. Obviously this kind of music wont ever be popular, but I like where the scene is at for the most part.

BB: Could you recommend some band from your area?
Josh: Happy Pill Trauma, Vulva Essers, Final Draft, Bruce Campbell, Dead Issue, Cancer Patient, P.O.O.R., Snuff, and a bunch of others..
BB: Imagine that you'll choose to play another kind of music...which music is closest to you?
Josh: Death Metal or old school hardcore punk.

BB: Except the music, do you have any hobbies? How do you spend your free time?
Josh: My hobbies include smoking lots of hashish and wax dabs, spending lots of "quality" time with my woman, hiking/camping, watching old school exploitation movies, etc...

BB: At the end, BrutalBasarabia crew is sending greetings from Eastern Europe, Republic of Moldova. Do you want to say something for our readers?
Josh: Hopefully we can play in Eastern Europe some day! And thanks for the interview and keep up the work spreading the word about extreme music! Thanks!


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